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Dear member of the human race, dear Temponauts,

with extraordinary diligence and accuracy we have tried to prove whether physical time travel will be possible or not.

Result of the 12 hours activation of a „time travel window“ on the 12th December 2012 –with powerful support of 101 exclusively briefed Temponauts- - leads to the conclusion that there will not exist any time travel procedure in future. At least no one which enables real physical time travel into the past. Otherwise -at a high degree of probability- there would have happened a physical manifestation on 12th December 2012 from future.

Time travel procedures into the future and/or virtual travels in both directions cannot be excluded -even after this experiment- as now as before.

For the sake of completeness is to be mentioned, however, that during the opening of the time window between 09am and 09pm on the experimental area 2-8 Kilmore Drive, Tamborine, QLD, Australia some inexplicable phenomena could be observed which have been verified by 36 attending persons. However, under purely scientific criteria there cannot be made interferences to a physical manifestation of a time traveller.

P.S.: If any mistake was creeping in the experimental set-up launched on 07th September 2007 and activated on 12th December 2012 -in spite of utmost accuracy- we eventually may adjust that. Of course, from the beginning we had to consider a failure of the experiment and therefore built in the following security:


For this reason we wanted to make sure that a positive result of the project would not be blocked because the participants have destroyed their Temponaut Instructions. Of course, we keep our word that the rest of the A.S.R.T. association funds will be continued and used according to the above prescriptions.

In this spirit we would like to thank all Temponauts for their personal support of this unique experiment with the ongoing appeal to transmit their Temponaut Instructions into the future, although -or just because- there has been no manifestation of a "physical time traveller" on 12th December 2012.


P.S.: Some video sequences may be accessed here!