Brief Description


Aim: Prove the possibility or impossibility of time travel.


Implementation: Every participant transmits a document  -being created by the initiators and showing a personal codeword-  to future generations until such time as  -potentially-  a time machine or time travel procedure has been invented. The document contains all instructions for the purchase/rental of the "time machine" and to deliver it on the defined day (12.12.2012) to the defined place. The arriving time traveller from future will present a codeword to prove whose order from the past he or she received.
Financing: Via the personal commitment of the initiators and various temponaut donations (adding up to 90.000 €) which will be well invested and multiply enormously over long periods of time.
Incentive: In the event of a positive outcome (time machine appears) the owner of the codeword will receive € 30,000 for his or her personal disposal, € 60,000 for investment as the basis for the purchase / rental of the time machine.

Prospects for success: In the assumption that a time travel procedure will be developed in the future, the project has excellent chances of being successful. Maybe our present-day initiative will itself make a considerable contribution to the future invention of a time travel procedure.

In the event of a negative outcome in the experiment on 12.12.2012  -in inversion of the argument- proof would be provided that trips through time are not possible in principle. Neither the then accumulated funds nor our scientific work would be in vain, however, because we have built a double assurance into our experiment which helps to eliminate remaining doubts:

We guarantee to temponauts – even if the mission should fail – that the instructions will not be worthless. Every 25 years the holders of the documents will receive 20% of the amassed A.S.R.T. donated assets in equal shares. This will prevent the loss of the temponaut licences/instructions and open up a SECOND route to the ultimately successful implementation of the time experiment. Thus the participants may gain a fortune in favour of their appointed heirs with a marginal stake.