For those in a hurry:   A Brief Description

Scientific parameters

The goal of our enterprise is to procure a device or a procedure that enables time travel within our lifetime. The procedure will already correspond to a tested safety standard of the future at the time of application and be in the position to transport the user from the “start now time” into the past or future and back to the “start now time”.


It cannot be ruled out that time travel may be enabled in both directions “past and future”; however, the objective will be achieved via the management of one timeline routing from future to presence.


The corresponding device/procedure should arrive in a precisely defined area in Queensland/Australia on 12th December 2012. Success of the “Millennium Experiment” is assured with sufficient scientific probability if:


a. One or a number of participants (temponauts) manages to forward the instructions compiled by the experiment’s initiators without hitches to future appointees of his/their choice up to a point in time where the time-travel procedure is available and can be acquired or hired by means of the amassed capital.

b. The device/procedure thus procured is transferred to the year 2012 by the temponaut concerned himself or by a person appointed by him, in compliance with the time and space co-ordinates specified by the initiators.

c. The “time machine” arriving in this manner on 12.12.2012 within a time window of 12 hours produces/enables a positive time loop and effects the handover of the reward for success of € 90,000 and its cumulative forwarding in practically zero time.

d) In case on 12.12.2012 a totally virtual proceeding will appear -not allowing a physical time travel- we will nevertheless honour and accept it, if it presents clearly verifiable and reproducible events, resp. data over a period of at least 7 days, which can only be explained by the ability of virtual time travel into the future. Suitable assignments of tasks can be made available by the initiators and temponauts. Any virtual time travel procedure which is solely retro destined cannot be accepted for lack of verifiability.



Psychological parameters

The experiment draws its confidence for success, among other things, from the motivating forces inherent to human beings:

a. Acquisitiveness
b. Idealism

The circumstances in terms of psychology are deduced from the following graphical depiction of the “Millennium Experiment”:



Precise procedural instructions will be issued to the participating temponauts prior to the experiment. A customised code guarantees clear classification of the participant who has a right of use on the time-travel procedure as per 12.12.2012 and/or of the starting capital of € 90,000. This combinable incentive positively covers scientific framework a+b.



The “Millennium Experiment” will demand a lot of idealism and willingness to commit from the initiators, but ultimately it is the “passive” participants who determine the success: the more numerous the temponauts, the more likely the success - and a success will guarantee every temponaut a place in the history books of the future.… and guarantee the person whose temponaut licence matches the “code” of the “time traveller” appearing on 12.12.2012 a precisely defined fortune in addition (s. PARTICIPATION).

All necessary investments for starting up and implementing the project will be disbursed by the initiators, i.e. a potential loss compared with takings will be borne solely by the initiators in the event of a financial shortfall.

The temponaut contributions coming in throughout the duration of the experiment up to 12.12.2012 will be transferred in the form of a donation to a non-profit association which, according to the rules, reserves the right to continue its activity as a foundation for the promotion of science – explicitly: the research and implementation of time travel - even after implementation of the time-travel enterprise.

We, the initiators, point out expressly that our test arrangement uses physical mechanisms in conjunction with scientifically researched quantum-physical phenomena exclusively, which in no way are to be confused with “metaphysical" elements.

As far as we know, our “Millennium Experiment” is the only project that has ever taken place with a comparable scope, measurable logical consistency and scientific seriousness.