There are circulating many dubious bids in the internet which mostly prove to be a multi level selling or pyramid scheme. How can the participants be sure not to succumb to a fraud?
Of course that fear is justified. However, the initiators are not unworldly and they also will be permanently faced with such offers and sometimes it's really not easy to realize the trap. But we can put your mind at rest. Each cent contributed into this project will be used for it, without any exception.
The basic character of a "pyramid scheme" is, that permanently and increasingly more participants have to be recruited in order to maintain it ... and it will simply collapse if "the last ones in the queue" will have to pay for the first participants "in the queue".
Our MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT is the extreme opposite of it:

  • We offer a FREE OF CHARGE participation for the time travelling project.
  • If somebody wishes to do his personal bit for the experiment he/she is free to give a donation.
  • In case the amount of € 90,000 would be accumulated by this means no more temponauts will be allowed to join the project.

There are no hidden traps, everything is fully transparent and clearly explained at our internet presentation. Money is  -contrary to the rip-offs in the web not the trigger for this experiment but merely a motivation to transmit the licences!
The small amounts received  -if not only booked licences at no charge-  simply cover the primary cost. All additional charges will be compensated by the initiators themselves!
It's impossible to be more serious!
...and who knows us will confirm that we would rather spend our hindmost savings than to betray our fellowmen!


In some way the investment aspect is not evident for me. Why has a seed capital of € 60,000 to be raised now? Let's assume the experiment worked
- in this case the time traveller starting his journey from the year 2500, e.g., could easily bring along something with him in the equivalent of € 60,000 out of his capital of 5 billions Euro to provide the basic capital.
You are right, it's a little bit like the question "who came first: the chicken or the egg?". Relating to our experiment fortunately things are different, because WITHOUT the seed capital raised by US -and this is simply human-  NOBODY would start into future and forward our order of the "time machine" from generation to generation.
The assumption that the temponaut from the assumed year 2500 would easily bring along with him the seed capital himself can be excluded, because he would neither have received the order from US, nor the accumulating capital ... as both would have never arrived in his time ... because without OUR seed funds nobody would have carried out the forwarding of the temponaut instructions. Therefore WE must advance the funds otherwise NOTHING will move.



I read myself the MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT and entirely understand the logic of the project. There are, however, two questions, which let me doubt a little bit:
1) In which currency would you like to deposit the capital of the temponaut licences? What happens if in 2500  € and $ cease to exist and the actually known currencies are worthless?
2) What about the scenario that there are "timemachines" in the  suggested year 2500, however, it is legally forbidden to use them to affect past?


Concerning the currencies it's very simple: WE do not deposit any specific currency until the time comes where a time travel procedure will be invented, however, the TEMPONAUTS themselves decide  -over the generations-  in which method of payment the procedure/equipment finally will be purchased or leased. If a change of currencies, or even a basic change of economy takes place  -over the generations-  the temponaut, of course, has to adapt himself to the given facts ... and to convert the accumulated capital into the valid method of payment ... until the time where a time travel procedure may be acquired.
In terms of the topic "time travels legally forbidden" there even exist three scenarios:
a) The temponaut having reached his destination accepts this demand ... and consequently no "timemachine"will appear on 12.12.2012. As it did not appear the ancestral temponaut did not receive the money award of € 90,000 ... and the time loop could not be created which even might simply mean that no time travel procedure will ever be developed.
b) The temponaut accepts the legal ban ... and continues forwarding the accumulated capital until such law does not exist anymore.
c) The temponaut defies all concerns regarding such law and nevertheless acquires the "timemachine" due to the power of his funds.
We as A.S.R.T. -of course- will prohibit such course of action (c) in our TEMPONAUT INSTRUCTIONS and also imply further "safety precautions". However, sometimes "momentum" of historical procedures can hardly be stopped by anything. It is comforting to know in terms of our experiment that we ourselves  -provided landing of timemachine happened-  may decide on 12.12.2012 how it will be used, thus keeping under control any compromise of past and future. More details to this topic and its scientific implications, see under >



Why should the time traveller go back in the year 2012 and not in the year 2009? Would it not be preferable to let him arrive already tomorrow? So we would know if it works. Why do we have to wait for the result?
You are right, we might have selected the date of arrival of the "timemachine" variable at will, i.e., for today or in the year 2000. So we would already know whether something had "happened" or not. If, however, at that time no time traveller had appeared we would not know why. Was the reason a shortage of information carriers/temponauts and therefore the "order" had been lost in the course of time, or will it really never be possible to undertake time travels? For this reason we took appr. 5 years into account, because a substantial condition for the success is that the information will be “transported” into the future by as much as possible participants.


Why should I apply for the Millennium Experiment right now, I could do it just before it happens?


Because it would be definitely too late and we will no longer be allowed to accept temponauts. We pre-engaged ourselves towards the Queensland Government to only issue temponaut licences and instructions until the equivalent for the award of the winning temponaut has been accumulated.



What happens to my potential donation, if the experiment for some reason can not take place?


In this rare case we reimburse your donation completely.



Can I give my temponaut licence away, instead of inherit it?


First of all: The essential document to forward into the future are the
temponaut instructions. Sure, why inherit to an unreliable relative, if you prefer a reliable friend ? This would not inhibit the all so important "time loop", but would support instead.



When should I relay the temponaut licence resp. the instructions in order to succeed with the experiment?


The best is the average generation distance of about 30 years. As longer you keep the licence, as higher is your influence regarding the capital transfer and interest gain.



Why will I get the temponaut instructions not together with the licence right now ?


  • because you don't need the information this early.
  • because we want to protect the temponauts against any abuse of the

  • because we want to reserve the right to change any information, like the

    coordinations in Australia until the 12.12.2012. This is to prevent any "event

    tourism" and to ensure an exclusive experience for the temponauts.



I don’t get it: On one hand I may observe the landing of a temponaut in real at the 12.12.2012, but on the other hand I have to inherit my instructions for the temponauts over generations, to succeed with the experiment?


Take a look at the EXPERIMENT menu point. The relevant scientific aspects are discussed in depth there. To make it short: Your timeless desire to meet the temponaut at the 12.12.2012 and to receive the time machine, triggers instantly the quantum physical mechanism that your licence is transferred over generations in zero time. That’s what we call ‘time loop’.



What is the content of the temponaut instructions, which I may retrieve as an owner of the licence before the millennium event ?

  • the procedure, to get the reward of EURO 90,000
  • how to transfer the documents in full into the future
  • how the accumulated capital will be used at the end of the time line
  • the exact coordinates where the time machine at the 12.12.2012 should land.



Why EURO 30,000 + EURO 60,000 reward, I did not understand the sense ?


It's such simple: € 30,000 will be paid to the temponaut licence and instruction holder immediately and unconditionally  -whoe's time machine will land on 12.12.2012-,  and € 60,000 in addition to forward this capital stock conditionally into the future.



What are the chances for the millennium experiment to succeed?


From a scientific point of view, explicitly from a physics view, it is more than 90%. Only that men are in the loop:


Time travel = (capital + desire) x reliability
That means, as more reliable temponauts participate in the experiment, as
are the chances to succeed.



What happens, if the temponaut licence or the instructions get lost on their way to the future?


Luckily nothing bad would happen, because we took precautions for this case. With the temponaut licence resp. the subsequent instructions comes a unique password. This password could be relayed to the time traveller even without any documents. This way, you can be identified as the trigger person in case of

landing of “your” time traveller and be rewarded with EURO 90,000.



Can I give my temponaut licence resp. instructions to somebody in case I can’t make it at the 12.12.2012, or if I want to just give the licence to someone else?


Yes, the person that would appear with your licence and password would be eligible. But you would only have  o n e  licence. In case 2 identical licences would be presented, both licences are invalid. So be careful with your licence.