Qualified Engineer Uwe Aloé | Qualified Physicist Walter Gith | Economist Bernd Siebler




Personal description:
Name: Uwe Aloé
Birth year:1954
Profession: Qualified engineer, self-employed
Marital status: married, 2 grown-up sons
Lives in: Dresden, Germany



What is my standpoint on this experiment?

To be honest, several hearts are beating in my chest.

For one thing, there is curiosity. What if it worked? What possibilities will we have then? Do we have the right to take part actively and, whatever we end up doing, influence history?


The second heart is the technician in me. According to existing calculations it is not possible to accelerate a body in such a manner that it exceeds the speed of light many times over and thus overcomes time. The body’s mass would grow infinitely and who has the power to change that?


The third heart is the belief in humanity’s creativity. Who, one hundred years ago, would have thought that it would be relatively easy to get to the Moon, Mars or Venus? Perhaps the phenomenon of mass plays no part after all in airless space?


Perhaps the time machine would only need to be brought into space, accelerated there to the appropriate speed in order to orbit the earth and return to earth at the appointed time? Perhaps people do not time-travel physically at all, but in another dimension?


As you can see, I’m asking myself question after question too. But this is precisely my motivation for taking part in the experiment. The result will answer most of the questions in any case and, above all, I will know for sure afterwards: that it works or, on the other hand, it doesn’t!


Yours sincerely
Uwe Aloé








Personal description:
Name: Physicist (Diploma) Walter Gith
Birth year:1956
Carrier: 10 years management work within a big German industry giant. Since 2000 manager and proprietor of a software company in Australia, financially independent, book author.
Address: Queensland, Australia



Thoughts about the millennium experiment


Since Einstein introduced his theory of relativity, time is not an independent physical entity any more. Time is bound to space. This can be expressed in formulas and has huge implications. The physical realities that can derive from here are by far not realised or validated yet. One possible reality is time travel.


From our today’s perspective, time travel would lead to events, which are not plausible at all. We could as an example inhibit our own birth. Or we could travel in the past, leave the building plans for the time machine there and initiate the creation of the time machine that we are just using. The time machine would create itself out of nothing.


Those contradictions and weirdness are not unusual for physicists, since they discovered the wave-particle duality of light. One simply learned to live with the ambivalent nature of light and other quantum mechanical particles. Since a long time a quantum mechanic effect is known, that Einstein called “spooky” behaviour. Spooky because two different quantum mechanic particles, which are far away from each other, can interact instantly, that means with infinite speed. Due to the fact, that physicists do not know what kind of interaction this could be, they simply defined this two particle system as one quantum mechanic entangled system, that behaves either this or that way. With this trick, the physicists achieved to get rid of the “spookiness”.


Should one day the mechanism, how the particles mange to interact in no time, be discovered, the path to time travel would be wide open.


It reminds me all of an old story about a bumblebee. From a scientific perspective it was not understood for quite a while (and still is not 100% explained), why the bumblebee can fly. But we can witness that it does fly all the time. So we may one day as well fly around with a time machine without knowing how it works, because it came from the future.


According to our day to day experience, we know: If we want to meet someone we should better invite him to meet us. At least, such invitations were quite often successful.

This simple thought brought us all together here. We are going to invite a time machine driver from the future back to our year 2012!


Now the only remaining question was, how can we inherit this invitation over generations? The answer was surprisingly simple: Information or even material things are travelling into the future all the time. Imagine you bury a treasure in your back yard. As soon as one of your grand suns raises this treasure, it would have done a time travel. Only thing to assure is, that the treasure is save during the journey. Therefore they invented treasure boxes.


In our case the task is even easier. We only need to send information, the invitation, without harm into the future.


This request leads us to the introduced experiment: As we know, that money keeps the world go round, the bearer of the invitation will be rewarded with a small fortune every generation. This works on the basis of capital interest. After only 100 years the start capital would have reached already hundred times of the start amount. (see interest table)


In order to raise the capital, to get a significant amount of invitation bearers and to provide the necessary logistics we founded this association.


But the best of all is, that you have the option, to attend a possible landing of the time machine in 2012 and meet a man from the future.
The details of the whole procedure and a registration option you’ll find on our web site. Good luck.


Yours sincerely
Walter Gith, physicist






Personal description:
Name: Bernd Siebler
Career: 16 years in industry top-level management in Germany, self-employed worldwide in the engineering sector for 20 years, now a financially independent stock exchange expert and investor.
Lives in: Queensland, Australia



Thoughts on the “Millennium Experiment”


In actual fact we are always going on “time travels” without being inclined to notice anything special about it or even describe this process as impossible. How often do we brood over our past or vividly picture ways to shape our future? These are mental time journeys at least, without which we would be caught only and exclusively in a tiny intersection between two infinities: an endless past and the endless future!


But even when we watch something as everyday as an old film in which the star departed this life long ago, we undertake a type of time journey.


Scene change: just take a look at the starry sky on a clear night. A significant proportion of these stars no longer even exists, because their light – which we see NOW – has already been travelling for millions of years at a speed of 300,000 km/sec. and star/planet “X” has long since turned to dust once its light hits our retina.


If, then, trips through time – be they mental or visual, as described above - are doubtless possible and completely normal, why shouldn't we also be able to undertake them physically?


And if not NOW, then very likely in the future. Initial approaches can already be seen in quantum physics today, for example in the famous Danuble experiment, where a Vienna team of scientists provided evidence of the teleportation of photons across a distance of 630 metres in zero time in a so-called quantum fibreglass channel beneath the Danube. See for example the article “Teleportation over the River Danube”.


Further procedures that could enable time travel one day are described briefly by Miguel Alcubierre using the keywords “hyperspace,” ”wormholes” or the “warp drive”, and in more detail, for example, in the article
wormholes”, ”Alcubierre drive” and “Hyperspace”.


But what does all that have to do with our experiment, the goal of which is to provide a vehicle which is to enable time travel NOW? Here is my very own answer:


1. Let us assume that, in 2500 and beyond, developments in quantum physics – or in whatever approach it may be – have created a procedure or a device that enables a person to travel in time as simply and reliably as we step into an aeroplane today in order to be transported to the other end of the earth.


2. What we therefore need to do in order to get to these future developments in our present time is nothing other than to order such a “device” NOW and have it sent to us from the future, that is the assumed year of invention 2500 or later.


3. And precisely that might happen on 12.12.2012, since that is the date on which we will take receipt of our “order”.


And you can be a witness or even an active participant in this Millennium Experiment and – depending on what you decide – maybe even be able to make use of “our time machine” yourself for an idealistic purpose.


Allow me to conclude with a seriously intended wink and ask you this: what is stopping you from making your boldest dreams a reality? Become a part of the future history of humanity, come on board with us, you have nothing to lose, but an infinite amount to gain!