Probably everybody dreams of travelling to another time at some point in life. But for most people, this will probably remain a dream forever. After all, how can it be done?


A number of years ago a couple of men had an idea how to turn this dream into reality. This idea is so simple that it can easily be called a stroke of genius.


Physicist Walter Gith, engineer Uwe Aloé and businessman Bernd Siebler, the initiators, are now going to implement their idea in a unique test arrangement.


If you wish to find out more about the three gentlemen and understand their thoughts, you can do so via the Initiators heading.


Crucial for the success of the experiment is to have a great number of active messengers who participate with their temponaut licence of our non-profit A.S.R.T. "Association for Scientific Research of Time Travel i.G." in order to fulfill this dream of mankind.


Anybody wishing to attend this experiment as a temponaut can obtain more detailed information here and order participant documentation as required. (s. Participation + FAQ too)