Sorry, no more Temponaut Instructions will be established from 1st December 2012 on!


Together with your application to receive your temponaut instruction you confirm to have read and understood the section PARTICIPATION of the A.S.R.T. homepage as well as to have a serious scientific ambition to launch and carry out the time travel experiment.
You will receive the Temponaut Instructions at manufacturing costs of € 45.00, resp. $ 55.00 postage-prepaid and with the following features:

  1. A document prepared for „aeons“ made from all but perfectly protected material which bears YOUR name and YOUR temponaut code.
  2. The invitation invitation  to the future “burned-in” this document with detailed instructions for the transportation of a time travel procedure into the year 2012.
  3. The precise coordinates for the time traveller.
  4. A personal letter with your access code for the webcam broadcast from Australia on 12.12.2012.

Additionally the document contains the inalterable planet constellation at the day of the “landing”. The instructions for your descendants, resp. the contact persons of the future will be delivered in 9 languages and even in Latin as a probably long time lasting language in the medical-biological-scientific field.

The whole presentation covered by a unique fire protection envelope  with sufficient free space in order to also transport your specific personal thoughts, instructions, etc. into the future.


P.S.: Temponauts who already have a valid Licence will receive the instructions without a specific examination at the above mentioned conditions -as already shown in their licence-. All other applications are subject to the initiators' approval. The temponaut instructions are licence as well and will be forwarded from 01st September 2012 on.