Prologue: Decide now, for the future begins now, your attendance can determine everything!


Are you asking “Why me”?


1. Because you are curious – one of the virtues that brought humanity forward in the past and will continue to do so in the future – for otherwise you would not have viewed this site.


2. Because you have a healthy sense of acquisitiveness and like to take unique chances that enable excellent returns with little outlay.


3. Because maybe you associate highly personal notions that are known only to you with our “Millennium Experiment”, e.g. scientific interest, idealism, the desire to change something?

We will invite a limited number of people on this globe to take part in the realisation of a dream of humanity and therefore write history.


As an invited participant with an exclusive “temponaut instruction” you will take on the important task of forwarding this invitation to a time traveller in the distance future – via your descendants or people in whom you trust.


Therefore, if transportation of your temponaut instructions for the “Millennium Experiment” to the time where a device/procedure for time travelling actually has been invented goes successfully without a hitch, then it will be your descendant who, in the year 2012 – precisely on 12.12.2012 – will deliver the “time machine” to us... and for this you will receive a highly personal reward of € 30,000 on the same day or even potentially be allowed to embark on your own time journey in addition.



You will also receive a cheque for € 60,000 as a basis of the capital that you will forward to the future. From then on all of your descendants who forward your instructions will be rewarded a princely 1/3 of the cumulative capital which – evaluated conservatively, but also taking account of inflationary phases - is developed as follows > Interest table


But the most important thing for you personally is: you can experience the success of your commitment to the Millennium Experiment for yourself “live” on 12.12.2012. You can even acquire a potential right of use on the time machine yourself, provided that your arriving descendant or his delegate is in agreement with this. The scientific parameters for justifying this real possibility can be followed up on the EXPERIMENT page.


And here are the necessary steps for PARTICIPATION at the MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT your rights and possibilities resulting from:


1. Request for allocation of a personal temponaut instruction which you will receive by mail at cost price of € 45.  Exact configuration of the Temponaut Instructions see ORDER.


2. Temponaut instructions are qualifying for:   

-Outpayment of the temponaut award of € 30,000 for unconditional disposal

 + € 60,000 (= in total ninety-thousand) for investment and forwarding into

 future by means of an authorized person of his choice in case the personal

 code matches with the one of the carrier of the time travel procedure.

-Free of charge participation at the MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT by live webcam

 broadcast on 12.12.2012  -  optional physical presence at the “place of

 landing” and/or personal use of the „time machine “ upon request.           

Temponaut instructions can as well be registered for a group of people. The group has to nominate one person as a representative for the group. This person will be nominated on the licence and would represent the group in all matters.


Ensure NOW allocation of your personal temponaut instruction, go for a historical experiment and become „ambassador for a peaceful future of mankind“. This is where you will find the <order form>




… if you still have any questions, you may find an answer in <FAQ>

... you can also send us mail <Email>




Mandatory CONFIRMATION in terms of FINANCING status of the MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT of the A.S.R.T., Association for Scientific Research of Time Travel

The rules set  -after careful examination of all relevant documents-  and confirmed by, e.g.,  the letter 08/11/2007 of the QUEENSLAND GOVERNMENT Department of Fair Trading will be complied with in detail by the A.S.R.T. as follows:


 1. Ambition of the association is solely the accomplishment of the experiment described  but neither the realizing of profit, nor distribution of surplus funds.

 2. The temponaut’s award with matching code in an equivalent of € 90,000 will be raised by donations and service charges of the participants covering the real and provable costs of the experiment.

 3. In case of a funding gap the initiators will be personally held responsible for the € 90,000 temponaut’s award to be distributed upon success of the experiment.

 4. The allocation of licences and temponaut instructions will be only carried out until the launching award of € 90,000 has been achieved. From this point in time no more temponaut licences will be issued.

 5. We guarantee to temponauts  -even if the mission should fail-  that the acquired temponaut instructions will not be worthless, but will provide the right to take part in the drawing of 20 % of the amassed A.S.R.T. donated assets among the temponauts every 25 years.