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Prior to our invitation to you to act as ambassadors for a peaceful future, the exploration of the past and a worth living presence the initiators would ask you to ask yourself ONE question which is important to learn whether you can trust at all the concept of the MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT, us and even yourself:

Can YOU accept the guarantee that you and your subsequent descendants will really forward YOUR temponaut licence, resp. instructions to the next generation, without enjoying any financial advantage?

YOU -as an honest person- will certainly answer NO by 99%!

And exactly THIS is the only reason why we had to involve some financial aspect in the experiment which is explained in detail under Experiment and briefely under A brief description.

By the way: the forwarding award has already been donated by the initiators. Further donations and contributions are exclusively destined to cover the cost of the experiment itself. According to the A.S.R.T. statutes any shortage has to be balanced by qualified engineer Uwe Aloé, qualified physicist Walter Gith and economist Bernd Siebler. Potential excess will be brought into a public foundation for scientific reasearch of time travel.


 "Timemachine1212" - The experiment runs out!
Yes, the countdown continues with every day until the 12th December 2012. Hereafter -once more- the most important questions, answers and facts which attended us for the last 5 years:
01) Spirit and purpose of the project was and is to verify whether physical travels into time will ever be possible, or have to be excluded as impossible.
02) The verification had and has to be carried out only on base of reviewable scientific parameters including quantum physics.
03) Active part of the "experimental set-up" has been and are selected Temponauts who transmit the instructions created by the initiators into the future -from generation to generation-.
04) The experimental result will be available on 12th December 2012 and reviewable "live".
05) Until this point in time appr. 80,000 visitors will have studied the experimental homepage -repeated visits have been statistically eliminated.
06) Appr. 400 Temponauts have been equipped with a licence of participation in the course of the project.
07) Thereof and up to now 101 Temponauts have started the "active travel into future" by means of the Temponaut Instructions.
08) In course of the five years duration of the experiment the initiators' input of voluntary working hours has been 12,000 and they also stick up for the financial gap of EUR 88,500 if the award of EUR 90,000 has to be paid to the Temponaut whose code has triggered the delivery of a time travel procedure on 12.12.2012.
09) The available capital of appr. EUR 1,500 of the A.S.R.T. Association for Scientific Research of Time Travel -advanced costs deducted- will be accumulatively transmitted into future. Every 25 years 20% of the accumulated capital of the association will be distributed to the owners of the Temponaut Instructions beginning on 12.12.2050.
10) The A.S.R.T. keeps in touch with the Temponauts and will persist as long as the target of the association has been reached, resp. the experiment to obtain a time travel procedure may be carried out -parallely to the efforts of the Temponauts-.
Epilogue: We would like to thank the Temponauts all over the world who helped us to finalize this unique project -independant from the result on 12.12.2012-. It has been an important request to favour the quality of "the embassadors for a liveable future" -rather than quantity-, because only who joined this experiment with all his heart will have the necessary ability and endurance. Maybe later generations will proudly speak of the 101 "Prime Temponauts" whoes "liability" to forward the Temponaut Instructions into future rose to a an "avalanche of good will and desire". Namely the will to sow the seed for a liveable future and the desire that "Those from Future" will never allow that we destroy our present age, ... because they would delete their own future!


20th November 2012
    No "Experimental Set-Up" without testing phase ..., this rule does not only apply on physics but also on the webcam broadcast on 12th December 2012. Each Temponaut may participate and test his own system, whether it suits the technical requirements which we kept -of course- on the lowest possible level.
Quite easy: On Saturday 01st or/and on Sunday 02nd December just insert the link received together with your Temponaut Instructions into the "www line" of your browser, call-up the page, that's it! We keep on broadcasting round the clock from the locality of event.


15th November 2012
What a pity that we have been -more or less- ignored in the English speaking rest of the world over the current time of the project ... and right now a certain concern is raising (see link above). Perhaps this is due to the fact that none of the initiators is of Anglo-American origin, or because their media usually reports about "short term sensations"? We don't know, but woe if the 12.12.2012 will be a historical date - the "Bloombergs&Co." would like to sit in the front bench ...


12th November 2012

Of course, no rocket will be launched on 12.12.2012 -after precisely 30 days-, however, it will be well worth to be described as an international sensation when the experiment "timemachine" will be finalized after five years of groundwork. Thereafter we will know whether time travel will be possible or not at a high degree of probability.
Already now we would like to express our thanks to everybody who was involved in the project "Timemachine1212". They have been pioneers in the scientific sense whatever result will be produced. Even Alfred Wegener  -discoverer of continental drift- has been taunted during his lifetime and celebrated posthumously ...
However, let's turn to quite concrete "problems" which actually effect our Temponauts.
So, Margit B. from W. writes:
I will order tomorrow the Temponaut Instructions with my name on it and would like to put on you a quite practical question (I got all newsletters, but did not yet find this question): Both of my grown-up children are interested in transmitting the document to the next generation. How do I manage this? Or does it regulate by its own?
Answer: This is indeed a very important question which has not been put to us so far. It's reasonably sure that only *one "unit" will appear, if there shows up a time traveller/time travelling procedure on 12.12.2012. This might be a "he", a "she", a "something", or even a purely "virtual" effect, because whoever will order anything suitable for time travelling in future -when being invented- will do this once only ... and the award on 12.12. will also be delivered once only. In this respect you are right that the "problem" will all but solve itself.
On the other hand it is beneficial for the project if as many Temponauts as possible will start their mission into future ... and it would be unwise and even unfair if you would not offer an equal chance to both of your children. This leads to the essence of your "practical question" which even allows 2 answers:
1) You order a Temponaut Instruction for each of your "Temponaut kids".
2) You make a copy of your own Temponaut Instruction and hand over the original to one of your heirs and the duplicate to the other one.
*P.S.: our qualified physicist-in-team Walter Gith might consider the theoretically imaginable option that financial incentives will no longer be necessary in future and consequently two or more "units with time travel ability" will follow our invitation.

And Sebastian S. from W. perhaps speaks from the heart of some double-minded Temponaut:
I would like to have the Temponaut Instructions, however, are unable to actually raise the 45 €. How long can I still acquire the documents? ... because I really want to join the project and not miss the event. I have already the standard licence with code which is not enough as I also need the location plan.
Answer: It's nice to learn about your reasons why you momentarily would not like to order the Temponaut Instructions. We fully understand the situation. Sorry that we cannot release the extensive "action package" > see ../en/?Order < without your own contribution for the cost price covering due to the articles of association and equal treatment of all registered Temponauts. On the other hand there is no hurry, because you may apply for the documents at a more suitable date even until 1st December 2012. They will -of course- not only consist of the "location plan" but also the webcam broadcast access link for the event on 12.12.2012 and -before all- the document in 9 languages to be transmitted into future. It's YOU who decides and nobody else and you got "all time of the world"!
The initiators


26th October 2012 - Count down in Down Under
This original topic did not cross the mind of the initiators, but of our Temponaut Ruth M. from P. on Hawaii which is a nice example how many a participant of the MILLENNIUM experiment is giving his own thought.
There is another notion which is arising more and more leading to the question: is it only allowed to pass on once "to the future" the original of the Temponaut Instructions to a family member or friend, or is it permitted to make copies of it so that
a) nobody feels to be disadvantaged,
b) the experiment will be supported by even getting a broader base?
Clear answer:
a) We are unable to and do not want to prevent such "distribution" under control of our Temponauts.
b) Such controlled distribution involves a certain congeniality and leads to an even more powerful "experimental-setup".
c) The result remains intact, i.e., finally only one Temponaut code will be stated by a potential time traveller.
Your initiators Uwe Aloé, Walter Gith, Bernd Siebler


01st October 2012
Of course,
the 75,000 clicks for the MILLENNIUM Experiment website do not necessarily mean that there is an equal number of temponauts "on the way into future" in order to verify if time travel will ever be possible or not. We also make a point of Quality rather than quantity, because on the long run motivation wins through and half-heartedness drys up.
In this spirit it's valid: we steer a proper course still hoping for the 100,000th click for our homepage until 12.12.2012, however, only count on the "core group" of temponauts who already procured their Tooling to create a livable future, or will still do so:
- The Temponaut INSTRUCTIONS
- in 9 languages
- with a unique temponaut code
- on all but undestroyable paper, duly sealed
- with a fire protection cover (also suitable for passing on personal information to your descendants)
- and the access data for the webcam broadcast from Australia on 12.12.2012.
Everything is still possible > ../en/?Order
Apart from that a wise man's cognition -2500 years ago- will still be valid >
There are three ways of acting clever:
1) By thinking, this is the noblest one,
2) by imitating, this is the easiest one,
3) by research experience, this is the bitterst one.
We decided in favour of (1) and (3) as the project TIMEMACHINE hardly ever will find epigones. We rely on "research thinking" and will have gained the "experience" on 12.12.2012 whatever the result will be.
Cordially Yours,
the initiators Uwe Aloé, Walter Gith, Bernd Siebler


22th September 2012 - Only 80 days to go!

Jules Verne would be giddy with pleasure. Just travelled once around the world and he could join us for the next adventure on 12th December in Queensland, Australia! Meantimes our temponauts -who retrieved the instructions- know very well where the event will take place. Holders of a valid temponaut licence may still do that at the prime costs of € 45.00, resp. US$ 55.00 at ../en/?Order
Other interested persons may informally apply at our contact page, e.g.,  ../en/?Contact. You are aware: the more temponauts go for the "travel into future" -passing on their Instructions to their descendants- the more likely will be a success of the MILLENNIUM Experiment. And if it's Your temponaut code which will be referred to from the "time traveller" on 12.12.2012 it's Your award which is precisely described in our homepage under ../en/?Participation. See you in 80 days by webcam, or even "live"?


18th August 2012 - Anticipation
Yes, it still exists nowadays, the true and simple idealism which takes kindly to an idea once being recognized as worth to be followed up! Hence we are happy with our Temponauts who decided themselves to go the way until the 12.12.2012 and to retrieve the temponaut instructions in 9 languages. Furthermore to balance the cost price and -incidentally- to receive a complete equipment such as a fire protection cover to forward everything into future.
However, have a look yourself what Temponauts all over the world have to say about that:
Thomas K. from Z./Switzerland
We live in a historical year and -independant from result of the experiment- I am proud to have been a member!
Luiz Fernandes G. from S./Brasil
Dear Initiators, for me is a honor join in this project.
Pascal N. from B./Switzerland
Balancing of the cost price via Paypal please. Kind regards from a fascinated Swiss!
Wonhyeok Y. from B./South Korea
Do you mean there is no way that I can participate though I want to?
There remains a simple comment: it's never too late, even a participation in the MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT is actually not very easy, see ../en/?Order



01st August 2012 - Time Keys

Almost all registered Temponauts are "on board" having secured their "time key" by September 2012 in form of the Temponaut Instructions. Herafter a brief description for all those who have not yet made up their mind to participate in this unique experiment.

  1. A document prepared for „aeons“ made from all but perfectly protected material which bears YOUR name and YOUR temponaut code.
  2. The invitation to the future “burned-in” this document with detailed instructions for the transportation of a time travel procedure into the year 2012.
  3. The precise coordinates for the time traveller.
  4. A personal letter with your access code for the webcam broadcast from Australia on 12.12.2012.

Additionally the document contains the inalterable planet constellation at the day of the “landing”. The instructions for your descendants, resp. the contact persons of the future will be delivered in 9 languages, by name in English, German, Spanish,  French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and even in Latin as a probably long time lasting language in the medical-biological-scientific field.

The whole presentation covered by a unique fire protection envelope  with sufficient free space in order to also transport your specific personal thoughts, instructions, etc. into the future.

Further details, see ../en/?Order



Days until the 12.12.2012
Now it's going to become serious and there is not much time left what you could do to make the MILLENNIUM Experiment successful. Of course, there is plenty of work still to be done on our side what concerns Webcam Broadcast from the "landing area", preparation of the Temponaut INSTRUCTIONS in 9 languages, etc., etc.
You have still the following options -if not already taken up-:
- Advance order of the Temponaut INSTRUCTIONS at our homepage, so that you will be one of the first to receive them by mail from 01st September 2012 on, complete with fire protection folder, etc.
- Participation at the tourist party which will carry out an Australia round trip from 1st-16th December 2012 and attend the event on 12.12.2012 at the "landing place" >
Our registered temponauts will additionally receive today a personal newsletter in terms of the above topics!



07th June 2012 - Time and Arts
Astonishing whoever collaborates in the MILLENNIUM project  -if one refrains from the initiators themselves-  who come from "the corner" physics, engineering and economy. This begins with lateral thinkers in the classic meaning  -often giving important impulses-  and ends with professors of all sorts of faculty. On the left above a particularly interesting example of the Algerian "pixel artist" Moussa Miloud who has specifically dedicated his Excel painting to the Time Machine Experiment. You see, the "Time Ship 1212" already houses a remarkable "cross-section" of interesting people. When do you dock? We only allocate free licences until 30th June 2012.


26th May 2012
left and it's easy to be wise after the event ...


15th May 2012  -  Maya Calender
If it's true what the world press publishes since a few days then the critique is moot concerning the date 12-12-2012 at which we ordered a time traveller to show up ...
However, have a look yourself. Hereafter a short media excerpt:
New Maya Calender: No end of the world 2012
Actually discovered Mayan Calender confutes supposed end of the world.
The new calender which extends far into the eight's millennium confutes the supposed end of the world in December 2012. US American explorers discovered the oldest  -so far known Mayan Calender in the ruin city Xultun. "Why should we calculate with such numbers of years if the world would already ends this year"? a scientist of the Colgate University in New York asked.

More information see on, e.g.:


04th May 2012 - It's your turn!

Nothing is more vivid than "real life" and hence we would like to let you participate -dear temponauts, fellow-travellers and detractors- in thoughts and suggestions today which are interesting and -perhaps- may attract you to join in. Of course, under strict protection of your private identity.

Jamaal S. from D. - United States of America
I am a hopeful young man hoping to explore time travel using science. I hope to become a Temponaut ...
Colin R. from G. - United Kingdom of Great Britain
Time travel has always fascinated me and I would love to take part. Also my date of birth is 12/12/75, so 12 is my favourite number.
Akash Singh from D. - India
Please have a look at my application to join your research society as a Temponaut. I very well remember my grandfathers prediction that in 21st century of Western calculation of times there would be clearly demonstrated the evidence of time travel procedure -once again- which had been already earlier described in the Vedas 3,500 years ago.

09th April 2012

As already mentioned before: our time travel animation may be retrieved at YouTube from now on.
Topic: Timemachine 12.12.2012 - Arrival of the time traveller
Of course, you will also track the movie under keywords, such as TIME TRAVEL TIMEMACHINE EXPERIMENT PROOF QUANTUM PHYSICS
Our request: pass it on, pass it on ...


05th April 2012
Still    days

… until the 12.12.2012 and the world will experience, if time travel is possible or not – may be even more?

Now the count down mercilessly happens, we did EVERYTHING that was to be done. From now on the Temponauts decide, the physical facts, the (still) unimaginable things beyond our current possibilities ... or whatever you can imagine bay be important in the future.

Our MILLENNIUM-Experiment is now as animation documented on YouTube. The easiest: just search under key words, such as > TIMETRAVEL PROVE


14th February 2012 - There are nice temponauts!
It has to be told once. Notwithstanding one or the other broadside which we initiators sometimes have to take the project, however, is fun if we receive letters like this:
Ursula N. from Nb, Australia
Hello team of initiators,
thanks for the newsletter. I got the dull feeling that I never paid any allowance to support this project. What was the input requirement when I joined as a temponaut some years ago? Of course, I would like to have a share in success. Kind regards, Uschi N.

Our reply:
Dear Mrs. N.,
it's very nice that you give thought to the financing of the MILLENNIUM Project. This is really extraordinary!
No, you need not to donate or pay any contribution; so far the initiators have advanced everything whatever expenses incurred to proceed with the experiment - we want to be independant and not to let the project "guide" by any sponsors.
Of course, you might "adopt", e.g., something from our fan collection such as a polo shirt and cap (s. homepage ), thus symbolically show some support. Independant from this -as a holder of a valid temponaut licence- you may ask for the TEMPONAUT INSTRUCTIONS in due course which may be available for the cost price of estimated 45€. As you know, these will be specially prepared for the transmission over the generations. By then there is some time left but we shall keep you informed. Best regards, your team of initiators.

We have nothing to add except the fact that the temponaut instructions will be available -in fact- until September 2012. All registered temponauts will be approached in time and personally what concerns acquisiton of same.


20th January 2012

Don't worry, dear temponauts and fellow-travellers of the MILLENNIUM project - we never will withdraw our "joint adventure", regardless what the result will be. THE END should only reveal that one day has to be defined where "the bridge will break off" which enables access to the "TIME SHIP".
And this is finally the 30th June 2012. After this it's going to start rightfully with the project, however, "the hatches have been batten down". Great, if you are already "on board".
And if you have not yet signed on - time is ripe to do this right NOW. Either with the free of charge licence,  or the jewelry licence with individual code
Of course, the "time ship" does not accept everybody, but have a look at the actual letter of a successful temponaut:
Bianca H. from D./Germany
Hello dear team of the Time Machine Project,
I would like to thank you for the mail from Australia which just landed in my letter box. There is one question left from my side: how many people ordered -so far- such a temponaut licence? It's certainly no secret how many human beings of the world are interested in this great experiment. I would be very pleased to receive an answer.

To this our initiator Uwe Aloé writes:
Basically it does not matter how many temponauts participate in this experiment as one only will be sufficient (whoe's descendant or friend arrives). However, as there may be a lot of imponderabilities during such 'travel into future' we have decided to compensate the risk of loss of the temponaut instructions by as many serious participants as possible. We thought on a number of 1,000 plus X of which 1/3 are already "on board.
More are continuously signing in, thus appearing the default number to be realistic. Quite contrary, this figure will be certainly exceeded if the media will discover that this experiment is a matter of public concern. Our limit, however, will be the number of 2,000 as we do not want and are not allowed to make profit and -in terms of figures- the offered award of 90,000 € will be achieved which the initiators have advanced out of their pocket. Without such advanced funds the experiment never would have been put into practice and might also have been scientifically/physically instable.
The subscribers of jewelry licences like yourself -thank you for the cost contribution- are somewhat supporting us to cope with the tremendous private costs which this project causes. The number of jewelry licences comes to appr. 15-20% of all licences issued. Now, dear Bianca, let's hope that I could answer your most urgent questions.
P.S.: Our forum has been closed by Facebook without indication of reasons. We do not regret this, particularly because massive attacks of viruses caused considerable damage -especially at "Communities" with larger circle of friends- which can only be deleted by turning-off the complete site. Our basic presence under timemachine1212 -however- remains for the time being.


23rd December 2011 - TIME SHIP AHOI!

Seasons's Greetings and a Happy New Year to all our terrestrial citizens, even if you belong to a culture area which might have a totally different timing!
If you did not yet sign on as a member of our timeship it's time to do so, because we are issuing licences only until middle of 2012. And from 12.12.2012 on all temponauts will be proud to have mutually mastered the "MILLENNIUM adventure of human spirit", whatever the result will be. Tempus fugit!


12th December 2011

days to go and we all will be a little bit more "wiser" ... and the -probably- biggest experiment of the past world history has reached its conclusion. Regardless the result: with a sophisticated method we have tried to find out whether journeys through time will be possible or not. Our target is a scientifically acknowledged verification, together with many of our enthused temponauts! More information contains our exclusive temponaut letter forwarded right now.
There is not much "space" left on board of our "time travel ship". Until 30.06.2012 -latest- we will stop the allocation of temponaut licences.


05th December 2011 - Time is running!

Now you certainly expect a scientific paper about time dilation, or other physical contemplation of time itself. However, the initiators of the timemachine experiment have not lost their humour and -exceptionally- think on the unavoidable X-mas days.
Every year again ... and every time it becomes more difficult to get a really exclusive present for demanding fellows. So, let's simply quote a happy owner of a temponaut jewelry licence who had applied for it on behalf of his friend.
Thomas S. from F., Germany:
Dear initiators, hereafter a short feedback. The original perfectly arrived in the letter box on Saturday and had a great response by the presentee. He even remembered our interview in the newspaper. A wonderful present. Many thanks again and cheers, your T.S.
So far today in terms of the topic "time is running". Thus, if you are looking for the -probably- most exclusive item of the world for an intelligent person:
 and simply insert your's and the presentee's address.
And as winter once will pass by, a "counter-cyclical" present might also be -alternatively- a Timemachine Polo with or without Cap > ../en/?Fan_Collection
Enough! You know yourself best what's good for you and your dear all. For us -the initiators- and certainly too for all temponauts the greatest fulfillment of a dream would be to celebrate in X-mas 2012 the breakthrough of science: the absolute certainty that time may be controlled as well as the space ... and mankind -consequently- will have a serious chance of a worth living future. Because without our survival NOW - no future ANY TIME.
Merry X-mas and a happy New Year,
Your initiators Uwe Aloé, Walter Gith, Bernd Siebler

10th November 2011

Our Temponauts are thinking along!

Everybody knows that our temponauts are representing the most important function of this time travelling experiment by passing on their licence, resp. the later instructions to their descendants/appointees until the point in time where a time travelling procedure exists. It's still better that we continuously receive contributions of thinking from the circle of temponauts which help us to optimize the "test arrangement", or which -already now-  raise questions which might save us from potential surprises on 12.12.2012.
So, for instance,
Rudolf P. from M./Germany
There is on question:
What would you think the time traveller will talk to us in which language? English? What kind of English? How could they know the English of 2012?

Answer of the initiators:
We will get the temponaut instructions started through the generations in 9 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Latin), however, you are right that even these languages might be scattered to the four winds until the invention of a time travelling procedure. In this case such a long time has passed that we may count on a high culture.
Provided such scenario (in case of a negative development we may certainly forget the possibility of time travel) two options may be very realistic:

  1. This culture provides of technical support to communicate with us, which should be relatively easy facing the actual progress of computer based recognition of speech.
  2. They provide about mental possibilities of communication, without using speech and which is not out of world considering the ongoing results of brain research.

By the way: the "onpassing temponauts" could also permanently adapt their instructions as it will happen with the final currency which -most probably- has no relationship with the original currencies EURO, Dollar, or whatever. Thanks for your inquiry in such terms - a potential answer might be at your disposal in less than 400 days ...
P.S.: Even this "temponaut song" originates from the same author. Whatever you may think about (Physician Walter Gith means. "only a space traveller can travel in time - and only a time traveller can travel in space - however, a time traveller (nevertheless) performs a time travel, because our language needs to say so"). Respect, that's active related discussion anyway and shows that it might even be "scientific-poetic" to engage oneself for the MILLENNIUM project.
We are time travellers on this earth.
If we leave the earth we are space travellers.
We are time travellers in space.
Consequently we are space travellers in time.
We are time travellers who wait for a space traveller. Not vise versa.
We only move ourselves through time on earth.
The time traveller -who is expected- has to leave his space -where he exists- and enter into our space. Hence, we only wait until the time he shows up!
Basically we wait for a "space traveller".


20th October 2011  

Manifestation or virtual event


The closer the date of our experiment -12th December 2012- approaches the more often we will be asked how we can verify what might happen between 8am and 8pm this day on the -still secret- area ... if something unusal comes about.


The clear answer refers to our homepage at EXPERIMENT which we quote in extracts: The goal of our enterprise is to procure a device or a procedure that enables time travel within our lifetime ... and which is in the position to transport the user from the “start now time” into the past or future and back to the “start now time”.


Now we have implemented in addition a virtual component -also based on ideas of our temponauts- in order not to exclude a potential time travel procedure, if this could, -e.g. because of physically defined reasons- only take place in the non-molecular range. The following passage is placed at EXPERIMENT (d) from now on:


In case on 12.12.2012 a totally virtual proceeding will appear -not allowing a physical time travel- we will nevertheless honour and accept it, if it presents clearly verifiable and reproducible events, resp. data over a period of at least 7 days, which can only be explained by the ability of virtual time travel into the future. Suitable assignments of tasks can be made available by the initiators and temponauts. Any virtual time travel procedure which is solely destined into the past cannot be accepted for lack of verifiability.


So, we extend -as a matter of fairness- the scope of the experiment by an important and serious component!



Newsletter no.12 sent out

04th October 2011

Yes, we want to keep you informed at our PUBLIC RELATIONS section what's
going on with our time travelling project. As a matter of course our registered temponauts will be frequently and exclusively informed about new knowledge and internal matters in terms of the MILLENNIUM experiment by late-breaking informations such as the CERN official statement. So it happened with our current temponaut newsletter which -by friendly permission, inter alia- had following feedback:
Thomas V. from Kempten, Germany:
Terrific! Press reports of the past weeks have been like birthday for me too. Not that I ever had doubts, but to experience first-hand and gnashingly the good news from people who always pretend to know everything in science, this was a real benefaction!

George J. from Vancouver, Kanada:
It's amazing. I waited for twenty years for this message and studied whatever I could get from such stuff - and now I got it from your homepage. Thank you so much. I am proud to be a temponaut.
You realize: as a future temponaut you are in good company. What holds you back to apply for a "seat on the timeship" and to write history?



++ special announcement ++ special announcement ++

26th September 2011

Even the initiators of the Millennium Experiment did not anticipate the verification of particles -during their lifetime- which are travelling faster than light! But have a look yourself - this is the brandnew report related to the actual results at the Large Hadron Collider CERN.

In extracts: > Physicists have reported that sub-atomic particles called neutrinos can travel faster than light, a finding that, if verified, would blast a hole in Einstein's theory of relativity.

In experiments conducted between the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland and a laboratory in Italy, the tiny particles were clocked at 300,006 kilometres per second, about six kps faster than the speed of light, the researchers said.

"This result comes as a complete surprise," said physicist Antonio Ereditato, spokesman for the experiment, known as OPERA. "We wanted to measure the speed of neutrinos, but we didn't expect to find anything special."

Scientists spent nearly six months "checking, testing, controlling and rechecking everything" before making an announcement, he said.

Researchers involved in the experiments were cautious in describing its implications, and called on physicists around the world to scrutinise their data.

But the findings, they said, could potentially reshape our understanding of the physical world. <

So far the most important excerpts. Complete report in English can be accessed under



16th September 2011

Honesty is the best policy!

Life might be much easier if you always go with the stream ...
So we have been blamed for a long time:
A) Our MILLENNIUM experiment  -having been launched on 07th September 2007- would have been drawn illogical, because everybody could have seen its result just a few days later, if the "date of landing" had been determined, e.g., on 30th September 2007.
B) The short term "timemachine1212" would be pointless and had been preferably replaced by "timemachine-dec-2012" for instance.
It's true (A): If we would have planned the "landing" to take place shortly after launching the project -perhaps- a maximum of 50 temponauts might have started to order the "time machine" from future generations. Consequently we needed a certain lead time to considerably increase the chance of being successful, because potentially 5000 temponauts will be substantially much more efficient.
It also applies (B) that from the 1st January 2012 on everybody understands that means that something special will happen on 12.12.: giving the evidence whether time travel will ever be possible or not. Not more - not less!
So far to the topic "1212".
In summary: sometimes patience and persistence are imperative even if the observer does not realize the deeper meaning at the first glance. However -and that's pleasant- for this reason we are all just human beings ...



01st August 2011

Summer Slump!

Usually the August ist a "newsless month", all people on holidays, politicians beneath the radar, media in standy mode. It's high time for our temponauts to quickly order a timemachine1212-polo-with-cap and to support the project itself by being primed for summer holidays at the same time!
Stoooop, there was something left: here is the promised detailed report in the Q'PHAZE magazine by the renowned author Gisela Ermel with friendly authorization of the editor roth-verlag - a wonderful (time)travel reading, enjoy it!



25th July 2011

Norway is mourning

and we leap out our heart!
Sometimes you wished to make undo something, or to turn back time ...  The
madness -as actually happened in Norway- is too horrific to talk shop if it will
ever be possible to influence any course of events by means of time travel.
Coincidence -or whatever- that just some days ago a temponaut from Norway
shared his thoughts with us in terms of time travel which we will not hold back
from you in extracts.
Markus S. from F./Norway:
Interesting project. I carried out myself something similar already. For me the
question was always the essential one: which kind of information I (or somebody else, of course) will be able to forward to the future, resp. which ones are of highest priority. Therefore I came to quite similar conclusions like yourself, i.e., that one should inform about his coordinates -when to be where- if we can
provide that time travel will ever be possible. However, there remains a question? Wouldn't a specific planetary configuration be much more precise?  Hours, years are also units which might be of no relevance in future. It's my
opinion that you should be 100% sure not to miss somebody who comes from
another time, isn't it?

Our answer:
Your indication of planetary configuration shows that you have extensively studied this topic, however, you are knocking our open doors down. You may
imagine that -in the course of years- where we developed the project a lot of
errors in reasoning had to be eliminated. We never had gone public before.
The temponaut instruction which may be retrievable shortly before the 12.12.2012 will also include a "planetary watch" besides the coordinates of the earthbound landing place. I added a screenshot  of it for you. Additionally these instructions will be established in 8 different world languages -incl. Latin-. This and something more is also the reason why
we cannot distribute the instructions at no charge, because -so far- we have everything advanced privately.
Warmest personal regards, your initiators
Uwe Aloé, Walter Gith, Bernd Siebler



30th June 2011

Precisely 530 days before the 12.12.2012 newsletter no.11 will be distributed today
-exclusively- for our certified temponauts. Principal item of the informations are the upcoming temponaut instructions and their defining in greater detail. Already now it's set: they will be issued in the first half-year 2012 in 9 languages and everlasting prepared. It's still possible to apply for a temponaut licence which is the qualification to procure the temponaut instructions. However, it's very much likely to understand: the hatches will be batten down!


06th June 2011
Licence or Jewelry Licence - Where, when, how?

Sometimes in life you really don't know to go in any direction whatever, even if the gyrocompass indicates a clear position. That's why we are frequently asked if the free "virtual variation in mailbox" will be applicable, or the primary costs jewelry licence. So far, our answer has been: if you would like to put it on the wall with your specific personal temponaut code you should select the jewelry licence - who knows what's the value some fine day, if the experiment succeeds?
Interestingly we got the best answer from a top journalist of an important newspaper who was looking for an extraordinary and exclusive birthday gift for a good friend ... and got it with a timemachine jewelry licence! His fancy proposal to use the "extended nick name" of the presentee was dazzling -indeed- and has been accepted by the initiators. Above as a general suggestion.
As a matter-of-fact in terms of the jewelry licence:
There are some differences to a free version:
1) The Jewelry Licence is printed on special durable paper, sealed ... and forwarded by airmail as a unique piece, together with some TIMEMACHINE stickers.

2) The Jewelry Licence bears the personal surname being combined with an non-reversible code (e.g., Gates-Universe) instead of a randomized serial number (e.g. F6h78GG65x).

3) The number of Jewelry Licences issued will be limited and finally stopped as soon as the prize money for the successful temponaut will be achieved, if there is a surplus on base of the manufacturing costs.
Notwithstanding your temponaut licence  -regardless of version-  guarantees participation in the MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT with the right to acquire the temponaut instructions.


7th May 2011 - Time is relative

The century genius Stephen Hawking might have recommended "a little history of time" as topic of the following essay of our physician-in-team Walter Gith ..., however we neither do not want to compromise with him, nor to copy him and therefore limit ourselves to a short headline. Have fun and don't forget: you may discuss this and everything else at our Facebook presentation timemachine1212!

Hereafter the "parable":

In order to understand the relativity of time let’s draw a picture about someone who wants to simulate our world on a huge computer.

May be some time in the future some programmer wants to create a copy of the world and writes a program where people would walk around, make decisions and live a normal life.

This program may need 10 days to simulate a complete civilisation, so 10 days would simulate 10000 years. For the beings in the computer it is 10000 years but for the programmer it is just 10 days and the people in the program have no idea about our time.

But the program leads to chaotic results; life survives only rarely, so the programmer stopped his attempt.

1000 years later the same program was picked up again and was started on a huge massive parallel quantum-computer that can realise calculations with infinite speed. It would turn out that the complete civilisation arises and disappears in no time. So looking from outside the program it took no time to calculate and record the development of a complete civilisation. Although for the people in the program 10000 years have still passed by.

But life survives only rarely.

This time the unsatisfied programmer introduced feelings to his artificial people. People could now integrate influences through an inner communication channel (intuition,…) that lead to certain feelings. The influences are coming from the future. This way people get some information about their outcome, hoping to stabilize life. As the computer can calculate in no time the programmer can feedback results from the future into the point of decision. It turns out that this leads to happy, everlasting civilisations!

So far the topic "time is relative", a creation of qual. Physician Walter Gith.

Thank you also for so many kind letters during the last few weeks, the pleasant anticipation to 2012 says hello:

Florian S. from M.
I just have heard your presentation in the web radio ... I will join you! Only time travel is better than travelling

Heilke Z. from W.

I would be pleased to participate in your experiment as I am convinced of the conceptual configuration of it. I have unprofessionally engaged myself extensively with quantum physics in general and the Wheeler-Freman theory (absorber theory) in special. I wish you good success with the therefore necessary quantum of good luck!



12th April 2011
No, we have not yet finally gotten to the point to welcome the 50,000th visitor of our homepage, but it's only a question of some days! Editorially, we can also report about progress which means, e.g., that our project is mentioned at Wikipedia's competition > WEBWIKI at the same time together with the Paleo-Seti-Doyen Erich von Daeniken > 
If somebody would like to thoroughly deal with the topic TIME TRAVEL let us recommend the blog of the renowned author Gisela Ermel >
In the second half of current year our registered temponauts will once again receive an exclusive information letter which goes beyond the scope of this heading PUBLIC RELATION and which mainly refers to the temponaut instructions coming up in 2012.
Warmest personal regards, your initiators Uwe Aloé, Walter Gith, Bernd Siebler.


1st February 2011
Let's start the adventure !

Most probably you will not meet the "good-old-everlasting-ingenious" Mr. Einstein at the property where the MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT will take place on the 12th December 2012.
However, you might meet somebody  -or something else-  which you did not expect and you would like to be witness of everything what happens, or does not happen?
In this case you may undertake a Germany trip ... and join Thomas Ritter Reiseservice who will start a guided Australia tour of 14 days with the final target of the "place of the event".
Of course, all of our English speaking TEMPONAUTS will receive specific information in due course, however, if you would like to be on the save side to take an active part personally you are now free to approach Mr. Thomas Ritter.

20th January 2011
Our Temponauts have the say

It's always bracing not only to receive mail from the "usual worrywarts", but also from positive constructively thinking fellow men.
Hereafter two actual examples:
Sabine D. from M.:
What a wonderful idea! Even if the whole thing would not work, i.e., our -so far known physical principles- would prevent time travel, the exploration of this topic is worth while for us human beings and helps us to become aware that we are, e.g., part of a link into future either by means of biological "brothers and sisters", or by ideational heritage. I would very much like to join the project.
Tilo-Maria P. from F.:
I am highly interested in the result of this -perhaps greatest experiment in history- and will expect the outcome with mixed up emotions but -finally- positive prospect for mankind. As I had no possibility -so far- to set the world on fire I could maybe secure myself a certain kind of "being unforgotten".
Thanks! Of course, we are also pleased about fair comments of our temponauts and fellow-travellers and learn our lessons every day.
Your initiators Uwe Aloé, Walter Gith, Bernd Siebler with best wishes for a successful year 2011!


31st December 2010


We wish all our temponauts and fellow-travellers -as well as everybody who did
not yet make up his mind to join the project- a happy and successful New Year!
A frequent question is how to support the Millennium Experiment most reasonably  and our answer is also valid for 2011: best support is to participate, because the
chance of success multiplies considerably the more temponauts start their "journey into future".
We keep you in the loop about our experiment in the new year too -with an always
transparent reporting- the only target is to find out if time travelling will be possible or not!


25th November 2012

Oh dear, the "temponauts forum" has dropped off a little bit. It doesn't matter
at all, what we all are doing is all by choice ... and not everyone is eager to
spread his thoughts (rightly) in Facebook. It's anyway amazing that many of our
fellow human beings are crying for data security and cursing conditions as described in Orwell's "1984" -however- at the same time are publishing most
intimate details of their inner life on Facebook, etc.
We, the initiators, respect by all means any private reasons of our sympathisers, temponauts and slashers not to join the "timemachine forum". "Each to his own"
as the "Old Fritz" said in the old days ... and if you would -notwithstanding- like
to log in there (once again) simply type timemachine1212 into the search box
and you successfully entered the forum!


21st October 2010
If you keep in mind how many inhabitants of our planet are seriously interested in time travel and quantum physics  -instead of devoting themselves to the usual mixture of chit-chat and gossip, pseudo news, soap operas and plain tv entertainment-  the 40,000 visitors of our homepage actually scored are remarkable.
Respect, dear temponauts, fellow travellers and detractors! Maybe we even crack the 100,000 until 2012?  We take a back seat: The important thing is that the experiment itself will be successful!


27th September 2010 - Travel Arrangements
There are still around 800 days left until the "big bang" on 12.12.2012 where the majority of our registered temponauts will  -most probably-  participate by means of their webcam. Some of them will make their dreams come true and join us in person at the place of the event.
We will support both scenarios and present in time the necessary temponaut instructions and accept a limited number of participants on site who enjoy to travel. One thing is clear already now: such a discovery journey will take appr. 16 days  -incl. flight time-  and naturally include highlights, such as the Sydney Opera, Rain Forest explorations, the Ayers Rock, etc. Interested parties may already apply to participate  -without obligation-  at It will take some time until the final schedule and the precise conditions will be available, however, as well here the fair principle is valid "first come, first serve".
Finally let's speak three temponaut colleagues:
Oliver M. from Berlin:
I think it's brilliant this project and the idea to travel in time which -for me- is absolutely realistic. Who had thought on 3-dimensional television 100 years ago? Everything is possible and in future anyway. I am all on edge what's going on.
Thomas V. from Kempten:
I would like to contribute my part to this legendary idea / vision.
Branislav A. from Esslingen:
A visionary idea which  -basically-  I also considered very often. It's the more pleasing for me to have found like-minded people now. I am sure that this project  -sooner or later-  will succeed and I am glad that from now on I have never again to only rely on my buried \"time capsules\" with messages into the future involved.


 23rd August


It has been the dearest wish of many a temponaut and sympathiser of the MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT which we are now able to fulfil in a suitable manner.
It's about to enable active temponauts, or interested persons to exchange their
views in a so-called FORUM, without disclosing their privacy.
So far, we could not achieve this by means of an own discussion bulletin board.
Time and effort needed for that would have gobbled-up too many personal
resources which might have been missed to assure success of the project itself.
From now on you may discuss to your heart's content in the world-famous
FACEBOOK, you may invite somebody to join the MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT, or
criticise and bash something, of course. It's totally up to you if and how far you
would like to implement private details.
And this is how to proceed:
1. Retrieve FACEBOOK
2. Log into your account as usual.
3. At the head find SEARCH and type in: timemachine1212
4. Now you are able to interact as you are used to.
Your suggestions and ideas for improvement are always appreciated.
Your initiators Uwe Aloé, Walter Gith, Bernd Siebler

12th July 2010
A brief excursion into Quantum Physics

So -maybe- one could also describe the essay of our physicist in team Walter Gith -following to Stephen Hawking's famous "brief story of time"-. And because this essay is probably the most understandable presentation of important quantum physical effects and their influence on potential time travel -which has ever been published- we have dedicated an own page to it, which you may simply retrieve in the navigation bar under QUANTUM PHYSICS. There will be outlined all continuations being or having already been published. Enjoy yourself when reading!

1st July 2010
Time is running ...

...and point of time comes closer where you would like to be part of an event when/if the unimaginable happens ..., which our known world will turn upside down. Already now we receive letters and messages clearly expressing: we want to be
on-site in person -whatever happens- and we will make our dreams come true at
the same time and explore a part of Australia.
We are working on this obvious desire of our temponauts. For sure there will be
a worldwide webcam broadcast. What the yellow press, radio and television will
make out of the MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT is up to them. We stick to our opinion
that ONLY an idealistic circle of temponauts should be authorized to meet the
conditions for an individual participation.

Change of e-mail address?
Yes, that happens and will be reported to us more often than not.
However, to be sorry, mostly only!
Please bear in mind to tell us your "new one" without fail, because if it's missed
this will be a disadvantage for you as a registered temponaut.
In that case we can neither forward the exclusive newsletter, nor -at a later stage-
transmit the important temponaut instructions ... and your licence will be
virtually worthless.
Actually this concerns 3 temponauts. Please contact


28th May 2010
Newsletter no.9 forwarded to the Temponauts

As reader of our column PUBLIC RELATIONS you are aware that we are very
"information friendly" and always try to let you participate in the development
of our project. Moreover -as a registered temponaut- you will have the advantage
of a direct approach by means of our newsletter which explains, e.g., in which
way our temponauts may contribute to a success of the experiment.
What keeps you from applying for your temponaut licence? Of course, everybody
has his individual reasons to go for it, for instance
Tobias F. from Bremen/Germany who words it in this way:
Since my early boyhood I was deeply interested in the topic time travel. This
experiment finally allows me to be a real player to make an old dream come true and not to be only a bystander or reader of scientific papers. I would like to
ask you to let me participate in this fascinating experiment.

17th March 2010
Thousand days remaining until the 12.12.2012
Tempus fugit - the clock is ticking ... and in precisely 1000 days we will know how our time travel experiment has taken course. You may still apply to act as an ambassador for a peaceful and worth living future > Order
Welcome on board of the exclusive circle of temponauts!

February 2010

Our temponauts are top class! 
Sometimes the initiators are a little bit depressed when receiving anonymous allegations that somebody wants to enrich himself at this time travel project,
where  -except effort and idealism-  nothing else has to be shared.
However, there are also  -over and over again-  reactions of human beings
encouraging us to continue and to bring the MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT to a
favourable issue.
At this point we would simply like to say THANKS for the encouragment which
you  -dear temponauts and temponaut candidates-  are able to put into words
such as:
Thomas H. from W., Switzerland
Just now I have learned in the magazine \"Legendary Times\" from your very
interesting project and would like to express that I am extremely happy about!
If this time travel project really succeeds  -which I hope very much-  it would
be a milestone in entire history of our mankind and would shape it essentially.
I as a new member of the A.A.S. would like to contribute to a success of this
great undertaking and say thanks to the three gentlemen (Uwe Aloé, Bernd Siebler
and Walter Gith) that they are daring this specific step and help many people
to get a different view of things which nowadays seem to be unthinkable.
Sabrina Z. from T., Austria
I have read about you in the magazine "Legendary Times" and find your idea
to be simply ingenious!!!
Lothar W. from S., Germany
I am very intrigued with your project. With four children of my own I will leave
the licence to my first grandchild.
Good luck!



10th January 2010


It's good to know that honest journalism even exists in the era of penny press as we could learn from the Q'PHAZE publisher Roland Roth who personally apologised for having overlooked a typing error of the author Thomas Ritter - right at the beginning of the report. It has been the first and the last one in the 3-page essay about time travel: the composer of the classic novel "the timemachine", of course, was H.G. Wells and not George Orwell.
Especially interesting: numerous evidences about communication with past and future have already taken place which the author summarises in the sentence (cit.): "It's no longer to talk about the possibility of time travel. We have now to wonder which indications are potentially suggesting interventions in our history by time travellers". Hardy words which the author properly backs by authentic incidents.
Q'PHAZE is a professional journal writing about interdisciplinary sciences since 2006.
We have pleasure to leave any judgement to the "great thinkers" of our time and will consistently and decently continue the verification 2012 in scope of our project.


January 2010
Welcome in the New Year!
Just on 30th December, 2009 we could record the 30,000th visitor of this homepage, what a nice accident?
We wish you good health and luck for the new year and may all your dreams come true.
Ourselves  -the temponauts and initiators-  we would like to still welcome many ambassadors of the MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT to join the exclusive circle of temponauts!
Your initiators Uwe Aloé, Walter Gith, Bernd Siebler


11th December 2009
 Speed of Light
We are often approached how we imagine an over-velocity-of-light transportation which -academic physically- considered is a condition for time travels.
Now it is clearly not our job to invent a time travel procedure. We are simply technically unable to do so and leave it with pleasure to our descendants -as intended in our project-. But this does'nt release us from the obligation to keep us up-to-date about theoretical feasibility. An interesting attempt is, e.g., the work of the mathematician Klaus Lange postulating on base of an 11-dimensional -so called M-theory- that already in the 6th space-time dimension a 23-fold speed of light is applicable and  -if such mathematically verified hyper-dimension also physically exists-  a travelling time "X" in the 11th dimension will be reduced to "zero".
Back in "our reality": we always look forward on the food for thought of our sympathisers and/or temponauts, such as
Ralf A. from A./Germany
Hi, the matter makes sense. If not like this, how then?  It's worth to try it anyway. So far in terms of the experiment. But since I have a problem.
According to the current physical principles the light moves with 300,000 km/sec, regardless of the speed of the emitting object. So, if a star would move towards us with half velocity of light its speed should accumulate to 450,000 km/sec but remains at 300,000 km/sec.
How does such phase shifting materialize? Why is an object moving towards us shifted into the blue range and a departing object into the red one? Assuming that the speed of light is a solid constant -in my opinion- this effect should not happen.
If the movement of the emitting object and as well of the recipient evidentially have a direct impact on the wavelength of light it seems to me that the adoption of the speed of light as a constant cannot longer be preserved. Something does not fit together.
Our physicist-in-Team:
Hello Ralf, this redshift effect of light is even called "Doppler's principle" which might be a misleading term, because it was first used with sound waves. The effect causes a change of frequency of light, but does not change the speed of wave packs. Or, in the particle model the speed of the photon remains the same, but the mass of photon will change.
So far academic physics are conclusive, it seems to be a peculiarity of light that it behaves this way. But the speed of light needs not necessarily to be the highest speed accessible. I may perhaps point out to my book which explores possibilities of communication faster than speed of light:
Cordially yours,
Walter Gith,
graduate physicist




December 2009
Free is good - Jewelry Licence better?
Yes, imagine such questions we get ... and certainly answer as you would expect from us. Because of increasing frequency we are also happy to do that under this column.
First of all both versions are clearly described in our homepage ../en/?Participation. Content and effect are identical which is fair enough and correct.
Arguments in favour of a Jewelry Licence are certainly individual-related. This can be best illustrated by a real inquiry:
Emilie R. from A., Switzerland
I would like to book a licence for my boyfriend as a gift. But I am not sure to understand exactly the difference between a free licence and a licence of 40 euro. What is the difference, please?
If it it is just the possibility to receive a document by post, I would like to cancel my booking to have a free licence in order to have an electronic version to print before his birthday.
Answer of the initiators: Yes, dear Emilie, for a gift purpose the "jewelry temponaut licence" will be perfect and we can manage both, i.e., forwarding an electronic version immediately to your email box ... and sending the original by airmail from Australia to your street address.
There are some differences to a free version:

1) The Jewelry Licence is printed on special durable paper, sealed ... and forwarded by airmail as a unique piece, together with some TIMEMACHINE stickers.

2) The Jewelry Licence bears the personal surname being combined with an non-reversible code (e.g., Gates-Universe) instead of a randomized serial number (e.g. F6h78GG65x)
3) The number of Jewelry Licences issued will be limited and finally stopped as soon as the prize money for the successful temponaut will be achieved, if there is a surplus on base of the manufacturing costs.
Notwithstanding your temponaut licence  -regardless of version-  guarantees participation in the MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT with the right to acquire the temponaut instructions.


21st November 2009
Visionaries-Meeting in Dresden

Real researchers are characterised by thinking the unthinkable  -on one hand-  and being critically with their own thoughts  -on the other hand-. Perhaps this is what particularly  connects our MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT with the works by Erich von Däniken, the undisputed grandmaster of palaeo-Seti research.
During his speech entitled "Götterdämmerung" on 21.11.2009 in Dresden our initiator Uwe Aloé  succeeded in exchanging a few words with Mr. Däniken. Erich of Däniken knew our experiment 'timemachine2012' already and expressed great appreciation as "a very clever idea you had!". Perhaps we can even count on him in 12.12.2012 at the time when we hope to welcome the timemachine in Queensland?


18th November 2009


Well, what have we got there? We only expected "after our lifetime" that the journey through time experiment would be specifically mentioned and described in the world's leading Online Encyclopedia. At the moment probably only in the German-speaking edition of WIKIPEDIA. But look and see yourself under:
(Experimentelle Wissenschaften)

There it says:

A special Experimental category are time-travel-experiments, because their application and verification moves in a smooth transition between the past, present and future. Classic experiment and simultaneously experimenter is the most distant "travelled" man in time Sergej Krikaljow spending 784 days aboard the space station MIR. He "traveled" compared to its ground-based fellow human beings around a 1/50 second in the future, because the high speed of the space station creates a special time dilatation which is much larger than the gravitational. From this point of view every journey through time is a time travel experiment. To date scientific time travel experiments are part of research studies at the nuclear institute in Geneva. The Russian researchers Irina Arefeva and Igor Volovich claim that the particle accelerator LHC at the research centre CERN makes a step in the future to be realistic.
Moreover, a far-reaching approach offers the ongoing experiment "timemachine1212" of Australian and German scientists which has been launched on 07 September 2007 in Brisbane/Australia. Information will be carried across the generations into the future. Therefore a maximum number of participants of the experiment will increase the likelihood of success exponentially. The experimenters are hoping to get the procedure for time travel in response to their order on 12 December 2012 in order to simultaneously submit evidence for possible journeys through time. With this test arrangement a new kind of experiment has been created, whose success -currently existing in theory- will only be confirmed by the invention of a future time travel technology.

Our request to you, dear sympathizers or even already temponauts of the MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT from the English-speaking countries: try once to place an article about this project under the topics TIME TRAVEL or EXPERIMENT at WIKIPEDIA We ourselves have no influence on any establishment in this "World Ecyclopedia". The trigger has to come from "outside" ... and that is just right.


November 2009


We have long thought to whether we should offer something to our ever-growing community of sympathisers, supporters and temponauts which visually indicates some solidarity with the MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT.
On one hand: the project "Timemachine 1212" is non-commercial and the initiators are committed to raise the "starting capital" of € 90,000 for the winning temponaut themselves, if there will land a "time travel procedure" and potential donations would not or only partially cover the financial award ... and this fact remains.
On the other hand: everything making the project financially independent and self-contained, should be positive.
The combination of the two thoughts might be the most conducive. Quality and design of the products have been in the spotlight. Look and see yourself!


25th October 2009
+++ Special Announcement +++

Exclusive download for BLIND DATE WITH A TIME MACHINE
We are pleased to make you perhaps jump for joy as a visitor of this site, sympathiser of the MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT, or even still temponaut. The article BLIND DATE WITH A TIME MACHINE (see also under 21st September 2009) is now exclusively availabe as a download in the original version.
This was possible only through the friendly approval of the author Gisela Ermel and the editorial supervisor of the renowned journal SAGENHAFTE ZEITEN "Publication Organ for Scientific Research of Prehistory, Cosmonautics and SETI" Cornelia von Däniken.
Here is the download (5,4 MB) of the 5 pages report which, of course, also discusses other interesting aspects of the topic "time travel":
You are generally interested in the Paleo-Seti theme so to speak interdisciplinary to our MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT? In this case "Legendary Times" might be the answer to your questions in terms of contemporary world history in the past, present and future.
Your initiators Uwe Aloé, Walter Gith, Bernd Siebler


06th October 2009
dear 25,000th Visitor of our Homepage!
Who would have thought that Stephen Hawking's treatise "A little history of Time" -published in 1988-  would get a vibrant sequel in the internet which might be the stuff to write history? 
When we started our time travel project on 7th September 2006 with nothing else than a carefully considered idea we were the most ridiculed. Small wonder in such a special issue being of interest for perhaps 0.0001% of our terrestrials, respectively understandable in such dimension.
Proudly and humbly at the same time we are happy about your overwhelming interest and the very personal contributions of the temponauts to make this experiment successful.
Of course, the initiators do not compare themselves with the "century genius" Stephen Hawking. Nevertheless the MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT might exactly verify what he , Einstein  and others initiated with their scientific theories. And to ensure a philosophical aspect of the project not to be neglected: if we really receive the NOW ordered time travelling procedure on 12.12.2012 -for a certain lapse of time- there IS a future for ALL of us which we may look forward to confidently, and then humanity has certainly not destroyed itself.
In this respect good luck to the temponauts who will accompany us on that path.
Your initiators Uwe Aloé, Walter Gith, Bernd Siebler
Also thereto temponaut Josef S. from Vienna, Austria:
Ingenious idea and in any case worth trying! It strikes me to make the following quote: \"If an idea initially doesn't sound absurd there is no hope for it"\ (Albert Einstein)
I am looking forward to join the experiment!


21st September 2009
Legendary Times


In the truest sense of the word "legendary times" could be upon our time travel project, according to a red-hot report of the "Publication Organ for Scientific Research of Prehistory, Cosmonautics and SETI" -known as A.A.S. A five page report about our experiment has been published in their September issue LEGENDARY TIMES and spans an entire range into undefined space of Science and Research. The renowned authoress Gisela Ermel not only analyses the procedural method and aspects of the MILLENNIUM Experiment, but also points out causal relationships in regards to terms such as theory of relativity,  time dilatation, time paradoxa and pre-historical traces of time travellers handed down through history.

The magazine LEGENDARY TIMES distributed in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and other EU countries may be subscribed under


01st September 2009
 Time Visions
It is important again and again to point out to the matter of fact that our MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT is solely based on scientific principles -more precise- on quantum physical perceptions. It is an outstanding feature of quantum physics that they do not postulate causal interrelations, but even "allow" transfer of informations in superluminal velocity and "permit" an incident before its triggering, see also
It's only this character of quantum entanglement which let us hope that the "time loop" -being essential for the experiment- will really work. Whoever calls this to be a vision may just do it. Without visions we would still nowadays envy birds, insects and bats to be able to fly the onliest...
Let's get two temponauts a word edgewise:
Marius S. from Merklingen, Germany
A really visionary project and a wonderful idea! It fills my heart with joy, that there are people out there, who share my passion for the concept of travels through time, and who are willing to do something for this old dream of mankind.

Mario H. from Forchheim, Germany
For me this experiment is very interesting and I am asking myself why nobody came up with this -rather obvious- idea before. I would be happy to make my own contribution for the success of this good project and its final success.

August 2009
Is idealism dead?    Auguste Rodin - the philosopher
Thus sometimes one could despair, if begrudging and even insulting letters arrive with the initiators of the MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT like, e.g., the following. But we do not take aback by such statement and know an overwhelming majority at earth inhabitants behind us, who are open minded and are looking positively towards this project.
What a pity that it seems that there are less and less humans, who can deal with the term "idealism" ... but have only embodied profit and rip-off in their conception of the world.
Here a representative sample:
Martin x from Berlin/Germany (surname unfortunately concealed)
Amusing, a physicist believes that it is impossible for a bumble bee to fly from scientific point of view. That says probably everything, this age-old rumor was confuted 100 times. First of all it assumes the bumble bee has rigid wings and secondly it would even then be wrong if it HAD such wings. But much luck thereby to rip off stupid people where there are, unfortunately, available more than enough. I wished I had such an ingenious rip-off idea and admit that you are far ahead of myself!

Our directly "affected" physicist in team nevertheless remained matter-of-factly:
Dear Martin,
your statement, unfortunately, shows that you did not understand anything.
It does not concern whether the natural science meanwhile developed itself so far to be able to explain why the bumble bee flies. Of course, science constantly progresses and can nowadays partly explain the bumble bee's ability to fly.
It's about to make descriptive that there are situations again and again where science still has no explanation for certain phenomena found, without doubting the existence of these phenomena. It concerns the acceptance of the reality like it  i s  and not as it is seen through the eyeglasses of school physics.

The morst recent example is the entanglement of elementary particles: School physics (Einstein) says that no information will be transmitted faster than speed of light. Now there are, however, first physicists who seriously are talking about information transport in connection with the entanglement of quanta. And this means unquestionably that the information must have been transmitted faster than speed of light, since the effects take place instantly in the case of entanglement. In this context there has also been a time and a level of science in which the flight of the bumble bee was not explainable.
What concerns the topic "rip-off" I can only say that if you read exactly it becomes clear that potential contributions of the temponauts are not even cost-covering. But without the pioneers -spending their last cent for the success of a new idea-  there had never been a progress to mankind.
Kind regards, Walter Gith
Diploma physicist
But there is also heart-refreshing optimism apparent, e.g.

Matthias B. from Simbach at the Inn/Germany
A really ingenious project and who knows? Perhaps it will save even our mankind.
Keep it up!

07th July 2009
+++ Special Announcement +++

Just now Germany's leading online media published a multi page
report about time travel, resp. our MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT penned by the
renowned author Thomas Ritter. Look and see >

July 2009
Snowballs  and  Pyramids
Although everybody should know from our internet presentation that a standard temponaut licence is free of charge -which meantimes realized also the media- we still get -partially offending- inquiries which justifies to touch again upon that topic with a factually correct contribution:
There are circulating many dubious bids in the internet which mostly prove to be a multi level selling or pyramid scheme. How can the participants be sure not to succumb to a fraud?
Of course that fear is justified. However, the initiators are not unworldly and they also will be permanently faced with such offers and sometimes it's really not easy to realize the trap. But we can put your mind at rest ...  -detailed continuance, see FAQ- ../en/?FAQ

June 2009
Timemachine "controversial"

Even though our timemachine project is completely based upon scientific principles it's always interesting to learn how different people are thinking about it and finally come to different conclusions.

Hereafter three controversial ones out of many examples reaching us via the contact or order form:
Alex X. from Berlin, Germany:
I thought that strongly religious forums and world conspiracy theories would be just talking meat, however, that's topping it by far...
Thank you Alex for your message and  -at the same time-  it's a pity that evolution of mankind has also created individuals without imagination. Based on your mental horizon today there would neither exist motor cars, nor aeroplanes, neither radio, nor television and especially no telephone or mobile, not to talk about computers ... because people cannot fly and electromagnetic oscillation  -which enables-  radio, tv, iPod are not visible ...
Nevertheless thank you for the compliment confirming that our experiment exceeds everything which existed so far, thus encouraging us to master this challenge. Critical people like yourself are always welcome in our team, finally we are all working for the future of ALL.
Mathieu C. from Montfavet, France
Fantastic idea ! Let\'s go for the millenium experience!
Martin M. from Uckerland, Germany:
Great idea, I believe in it and its success. Somebody has to start working with it.

25th May 2009
I love telling my students about the "timemachine project"
... says Wolf Deinert a well-established writer, journalist and architect who earned specific reputation as producer of successful and newsworthy radio shows meantimes belonging to the circle of temponauts. Deinert: "Radio dramas are already projects of the fourth dimension. Once broadcasted they may be received in past and future!"
If you would like to learn more about this fascinating world of "stories which are able to easily overleap time and space" then we recommend to have a look at or our NEW PAGE "supporter" ... not to be confused with "sponsors", because we will never accept our MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT to become hooked on monetary contributions which are only serving the goal of "self-marketing".

May 2009
Newsletter no.7 sent out
Exclusively for our licenced temponauts we create a short report about extraordinary activities, aspects and other informations concerning the MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT  -in irregular intervals-  exceeding the scope of this PR heading.
Apply right now for your licence and make history.
 free of charge with random generated temponaut code by email
 with personal code and as a real collector's item

April 2009
Reminiscence to the future
We always get excited about new temponauts who not only identify themselves with our time travel project but make their childhood dreams come true. Such as our temponaut woman ...
Claudia M. from Confignon/Switzerland
Since my very first lecture of a space-time-paradoxe in an URSS journal translated in Spanish (Nueva Dimensión) when I was a young teenager I have been waiting to something like this. Thanks so much!!!! No matter if it works it's all living poetry!

March 2009
MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT a power topic of Swiss media
One of the greatest and most detailed reports so far being published appeared in print on 12th March in the Swiss newspaper LA LIBERTÉ. You may here go to the pdf file >>> (click on picture!)    

Especially impressive is the objective reporting - best science of journalism. For those who do not command the French language: the major part of the full page report deals with the procedure described in detail in our homepage to show proof whether time travel is possible. In the sector (left below) the author presents different theoretic starting points to the topic beginning from Einstein's relativity theory up to the well-known grandfather paradox. The report closes off with an interview (right below) wording of which we do not want to hide from you and its heading reads:
Our idea: to put the cart before the horse !

Engineer Uwe Aloé is one of the three initiators of the "Millennium Experiment". The 55-year old German lives in Dresden and explains his commitment with his natural curiosity in technical things. Even nobody could demonstrate time travel up to now he believes in the creative abilities of humans: "who would have thought 100 years ago that landings on the moon, the mars and the venus would be possible one day without serious problems", he comments initially.
How did you come upon the Millennium Experiment?
Uwe Aloé: we concerned ourselves for a very long time with the thought “time travel” and the possibilities involved. It is indisputable that meantimes science is convinced that time travels  -of any sort-  will be possible. It is not clarified, how. Since also we do not know that, we "put the cart before the horse" and said then we ask someone to come who knows it. Thus the idea with the worldwide passing on of the instructions over generations of humans came up.
The project seems to be scientifically well-founded on one hand, on the other hand one could think also of a joke or of fraud. Is it really respectable?
Uwe Aloé: just to avoid such impression we held everything from the outset totally transparent. The initiators are and can at any time be addressed, likewise the financing. For a “joke” the initiators invested already too much. All this speaks for our seriousness. We are definitely a single purpose society without acquisition background and only committed to our goal.
Does your society have other philosophical background or even exists a connection to “millenaric religions” or other sects?
Uwe Aloé: The initiators do not belong to any religious community and the project is exclusively based on scientific facts which do not have to do anything with esotericism or metaphysics. You are right however, one can splendidly philosophize over this topic, which we do also extensively in the circle of friends and acquaintances.
If travelers from the future will land they could perhaps bring along methods for welfare against cancer or other actually incurable diseases. Don't you believe that could wake wrong hopes?
Uwe Aloé: Such thoughts already came us. However we are convinced that it will be forbidden to a potential future time traveler to intervene into the past. We assume that also the appropriate conventions must come along with invention of such a procedure. However two important statements could be met nevertheless, if someone appears on 12.12.2012: Time travels will once be possible. And mankind survived and developed itself … despite all the prophecies of doom!
So far the interview in LA LIBERTÉ. Make your own thoughts - as ever. Anyway, you may be a little bit proud of being a temponaut …

24th February 2009
Temponaut of the Month

This award will be spontaneously granted to our temponaut MOUSSA MILOUD from Tebssa, Algeria for his special kind of illustrating "past, presence and future". The artwork has been created as Excel file and obviously refers to so-called naive painting.

February 2009
Participating means Contributing

Some temponauts and temponaut applicants apply themselves into the MILLENNIUM project with critical questions and own reflections. This is very much appreciated and we always answer to the best of our knowledge, although we have to admit that it's only "this we know - that we know nothing" in order to quote the old Sokrates ...

Question of Ingo B. from Berlin:

I am very intrigued about your project. However, there are more handicaps for those people to pass down the licence to other generations. The experiment might be abandoned due to worldwide catastrophees such as wheather disasters, epidemics, wars, etc. Did you take this into account? What happens if all licenced participants will have been eliminated after some of those events over the times? For me a probability of 90% sounds somewhat too optimistic.

Initiators' answer:

Your are certainly right that nobody can predict all potential sources of irritation for the next centuries. This would -indeed- be overconfident. Exactly for this reason we have considered a relatively long leadtime to be able to motivate as many participants as possible.

And exactly this is the point: the more people participate the more likely some temponauts will "scrape through" to phrase it a little bit offhand. So you may support this worldwide unique project by taking an active part yourself and even let join your circle of friends. The imponderable handicaps should not be overrated but compensated by a reasonable portion of optimism and  -primarily-  enthusiasm in discovery.

Kind regards, this time from Dresden,
Yours Uwe Aloé

January 2009
Accident or destiny?

Just at the end of 2008 numerous newspapers  (see also lead-story of Europe's highest run dayly journal BILD) an outlook to the year 2012 has been published -precisely to the 21/12/2012- the date where the Maya calendar abruptly ends. Since then we receive increasingly inquiries asking about any relationship between our MILLENNIUM Experiment which  -as you know-  takes place on 12/12/2012. Representative for personal inquiries hereafter our statement addressed to one of your temponaut colleagues:

Silvio B. from Erftstadt >
I am really amazed what concerns this time travel project. Even if I do not understand everything all sounds totally logical. Going one step further and comparing the 12th of December, 2012 with expiration of the Maja calendar I am all the more astonished.

Our reply >
You are right that experts assert that the MAYA calendar would predict the end of the world in 2012. However, this calendar exactly confirms the 21st December, 2012 and the appropriate literature predominantly anticipates a displacement of the axis of the earth and/or an extreme activity of sunspots which not necessarily leads to an apocalypse in the classic way.
The matter of fact that we will carry out our experiment exactly on 12th December, 2012 is -initially- a pure coincidence as we simply needed a handling time for the project of appr. five years in order to optimize the prospect of success by a significant number of worldwide participants.
Sometimes "accidents" -looking back- have been no accidents, but rather unconscious presentiments of future incidents which we cannot exclude with our timing of the time travel experiment  - although we never aimed for that. In this spirit we hope to have properly answered your question and we are looking forward to welcome you in the “circle of temponauts”.

December 2008

Who knows how valuable -some day- our first circular letters to our temponauts will be, if the unimaginable happens ... and the MILLENNIUM-EXPERIMENT will be successful?
Right now newsletter no.6 has been sent out with exclusive messages to our accredited participants of the project.
An inquiry of general interest reached us from our "recent temponaut" Sebastian K. from Muelheim/Ruhr:
Hello Time Machine Team,
I would like to participate in the experiment together with my girl friend. Your idea is really fascinating. For this reason I have already acquired the temponaut personal code. Is there any possibility to also include my partner's name in the licence?
Clear answer of the initiators: Yes we can! Simply apply for the TEAM temponaut licence ... and add your girl friend's name.
More details, see PARTICIPATION, chapter (4) of our homepage.

November 2008
Media quote A.S.R.T. in context with CERN Experiment

Oops!  We never had thought that our time travel experiment resp. the A.S.R.T. will be quoted in the international press. The most up to date report  -how else could it be-  was published in our stronghold Brisbane. We only quote: "The Association for Scientific Research of Time Travel is watching with keen interest the commissioning of the world's largest particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider. The Association quotes Russian scientists Irina Arevefa and Igor Volovich as suggesting that, under certain circumstances, a gap in the "texture" of reality might be created, and that a "jump into future" is within the realms of theoretical possibility".

You may retrieve the complete report at

Einstein's Spook thousand times faster than light
And he is/was yet correct. What our physicist-in-team Walter Gith advanced as his view in our homepage under "initiators" already and also illustrated in his book "Physics and Love" is now taken seriously as "latest physical conclusion". Of course conventional physics will have difficulties with this assumption for some time, however, the door has been opened for a new thinking being proved by the actual report of the magazine SPIEGEL quoting that "The mysterious exchange of information between entangled photons  -which Einstein taunted as "spookie distant effect"-  is 10,000 times faster than light. At least".
The detailed report  (in German language)  can be retrieved under,1518,572068,00.html
Remark of Dipl. Physicist Walter Gith: this serious experiment raises the question for the first time whether the distant effect of entangled quantum particles results from transfer of information by infinite speed of light.

September, 2008
Worldwide first "timemachine" launches on 10th September

We already reported about the worldwide largest particle accelerator LHC (Large Hadron Collider) then being still under construction, see 02/05/2008. World leading scientists will clash atomic nucleus with  -so far-  unrivalled momentum in order to create conditions to be similar to those of the big bang. The CERN scientists hope to achieve new knowledge about the genesis of the universe. In additon the experiment should verify existence of elementary particles not having been proved yet.

Physicists are worldwide looking forward to the launching of this -so far- largest experiment of the planet. The LHC "Large Hadron Collider" will start the trial run on 10th September and the first particles will have a walk around in the giantic particle accelerator. There are some scientists who would like to prohibit the launch of this experiment because they are afraid of the end of the world in the worst case.

We do not share this apocalypse scenario and are looking forward into a controllable future wishing the scientists of CERN great success.

Temponaut Participants increasingly self-confident

At the beginning of the MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT there were only a few sympathisers who dared to actively occupy themselves with our project, whereas actually gratifying feedback is on the rise, e.g.,
Ingo K. from Bad Segeberg, Germany:
Ingenious idea which I wish to support!

1st August, 2008
Roland Roth from Kassel/Germany

I would also like to apply for a temponaut licence, because this experiment is the most exciting event since landing on the moon!
Mr. Roth is the owner of the well known publishing house which is -inter alia- engaged in research of parascience.

July 2008
By now more than 10,000 visitors at "timemachine/zeitmaschine"
Honestly we have never expected to exceed the "magic ten-thousand" only a few months after launching the MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT. It goes without saying with even increasing tendency from a fistfull visitors per day to actually more than 100.
The countdown is on, you know: we only accept a limited number of temponauts in our "team". Thus we avoid a commercial approach of the (non-profit) project and meet the requirements of the "Queensland Government", see also PARTICIPATION.

07th July, 2008
„Timemachine1212“– passionately discussed in internet boards

Forum discussions become more and more popular. Two randomly selected examples demonstrate that our MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT is resounded throughout the lands:

1. showtopic=3426&st=0&#entry587947

Since many years I am interested in the time travel topic. I come out as a temponaut because I right now obtained a free temponaut licence
(the email version). It’s all about an experiment from A.S.R.T. (Association for Scientific Research of Time Travel). Ambition of the experiment is the supply of an equipment or a procedure enabling time travels in one’s lifetime.

There is also a personal award.

- € 30,000 instant outpayment for unconditional disposal to the temponaut whoe’s time machine is landing on 12th December, 2012.
- € 60,000 in addition for the fortunate temponaut for forwarding into future, i.e. conditional.

OK, € 30,000 on 12/12/2012 don’t make me rich, but a little bit richer and the test does not need any work and is free!!!

It is the only chance to gather information about the genesis of the universe and to get answers to the theories of creation vs evolution.
Let’s try!!!
JTE (your temponaut) 


Hi Ulli,
I found something totally crazy but extremely cool:! Take a look at this, isn’t it a brilliant idea?
I wished I could participate! Have a nice week,
Glg Gisela

Jens W. from Flensburg, Germany
I am enthusiastic about this project. I am electrician engineer and technology is my world. It is certainly possible to travel through time. Time is generally known to be relative. What actually happened in space-time continuum is still alive elsewhere and everywhere. In order to travel through time you have to be faster than light. However the human race has broken the law of nature at all times and I share this vision. Consequently I will address myself to this project with greatest verve and hope for good partnership.

09. June 2008
Tobias H. from Voerde/Germany

I am Tobias H. and found your theory and experiment of time travel very fascinating. I have been always interested in physical basic priciples for travelling through time and finally found a logical connected report with detailed description of such theory and are very grateful for this ... there remains a question, however: I am 13 years old an will be 18 on 12.12.2012  -  does this mean I could consequentionally participate?

Comment of the initiators: essential for participating in the time travel project is not the age, however, the serious interest in the experiment. Of course, parents should be agreeable.

By the way, Tobias H. is a descendant of the famous analytical chemist Otto Hahn who received the Nobel prize for "nuclear fission" in 1944.

Hacker attack on our homepage

Maybe you have realized that our internet presentation could not be accessed for some time today! Reason has been a hacker attack which paralysed the entire website. Fortunately we could act immediately and provide backup facilities this morning.
As hackers usually do not try to crack insignificant homepages this negative example demonstrates which interest our experiment already enjoys worldwide!

"Bild" confirms: we are one with Einstein

With ongoing progress of our experiment and an increasing number of prospects and participants even the print media recognizes that our project is more than to try and find out whether time travels will be possible or not.

Now Germany's leading newspaper BILD has confirmed its readers that BASIC PRINCIPLE of our project is EINSTEIN's theory of relativity. Have a look to the interview just held with our European based initiator Uwe Aloè.
See yourself ... (click on picture!)


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