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02. June 2008
Ursula N. from Nelson Bay, Australia

Hello there,
I read your article "Eine Reise durch die Zeit" in "Die Woche" today and absolutely love your idea and the concept. What a great adventure! This will truly change the way we perceive our world and our lives. It would be an honor to participate and be part of this experiment.

Full-page report about the MILLENNIUM-EXPERIMENT
Now even conservatively orientated print media repeatedly deal with our topic as actually demonstrated by THE WEEK, Australia's leading German language publication. You may recall a copy via our contact form ../en/?Contact as pdf file.

Worldwide first time machine operates at Geneva
Once travelling through time into the third millennium and back again -so far a pure fiction- might come true earlier than expected. Russian scientists are working at this venture at the Nuclear Research Centre in Geneva, Switzerland.

They assert that the particle accelerator LHC (Large Hadron Collider) of the research laboratories CERN might make possible such a step into future. The Russian scientists Irina Arevefa and Igor Volovich evaluated that  -under certain circumstances-  a gap in the "texture" of reality might be created. Thus a "jump into future" is within the realms of theoretical possibility. Equipped with the adequate technology, thus speak Volovich and Arevefa, human being might enter the gateway and travel into a different time.
More information >

Remark of the initiators of the MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT: lo and behold, maybe we are closer to the objective than imagined.

Found at the Industrial Fair INTERPACK!

Thanks the attention of a "project temponaut" we got this snapshot animating to a smile on one hand but also underlining our increasing worldwide presence. The international packaging exhibition at Duesseldorf/Germany just closed its doors with more than 200,000 trade visitors from more than 100 countries.

Photo shows a STICK-PACK machine with red timemachine1212 label

Right on top position the internet portal WELTLINIE refers to our project pushing another 20 scientific stories to the back rows !
Hence our homepage may now also be accessed under

NEWSLETTER no.4 sent out to the temponauts. Such special information is restricted to the owners of a registered temponaut licence.

FOCUS Report about

Analysis of previous media coverage of our project proved that we are unable to continuously check up the international media what's  -when and how-  being reported about the MILLENNIUM PROJECT neither in terms of financial resources, nor of manpower. The FOCUS report below, e.g., has been published already in September, 2007 and we were informed about just recently.

This doesn't disencourage the initiators, however, cheers us to ask you for your support: please send us any media report  -which has not yet been discussed in our PUBLIC RELATION homepage section-   and you will receive your temponaut "jewelry design" licence with your personal code for FREE the cost price of € 40 paid out of the initiators's own pocket.

Karl B. from Langen/Germany wrote:
"The most outstanding idea I have ever read about"

March 2008
Time Travel increasingly in focus of the media

Focus - the leading German magazine reports about our project.
As this article is not available in English language
you may refer to the German section of our homepage and have a look at ÖFFENTLICHKEIT

February 2008
Shared licences
- a good business

The GERMAN AUSTRALIAN TRAVEL of Brisbane has secured a temponaut-licence as the first association in February.

Congratulations ! The licence is issued to the whole team. Here is the specialized travel agency for Australia and Europe with director Janka Henke (at the right top corner).

Timemachine1212 - more and more popular
"Time travel" and "parallel universes" -still sniggered at a short while ago- are going to be en vogue and will be increasingly and seriously discussed in public and scientific world. Right now the invitation for a broadcast interview of the Australian "ABC Radio" channel matches this overall picture. Walter Gith -the physicist in our team- has successfully mastered this challenge.
P.S.: our web page can now also be called up under

Qualified-diploma physicist Walter Gith talking with ABC Radio, Melbourne

Thought-provoking to the beginning of a new year

"One might hope that as we advance in science and technology, we would even manage to build a time machine", says Stephen Hawking from Cambridge University.
"But if so, why hasn't anyone come back from the future and told us how to do it ?", continues the present day's most famous physicist, qualifying his statement.
Initiators' comment: maybe only because they haven't yet received an "invitation with attractive conditions" from their past which we catch up NOW with our MILLENNIUM-Experiment?

Professor Stephen William Hawking
Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
Silver Street, Cambridge
CB3 9EW England

Free of charge temponaut licences as from now on available

Consequently we have accomplished conditions of the Queensland Government Department of Fair Trading entirely -amongst others- and secured the status of A.S.R.T. as a non-commercial organization. With the actually effected restructuring we have provided an even broader base for the experiment, thus increasing its prospect of success.

Timemachine1212 sighted at Elton John concert

On the occassion of his Australian tour the rock star legend also performed in Canungra -60 km west of Brisbane-. Even three fans with fashionable time machine caps have been sighted at the "Elysian Fields" which is the Australian pendant of the legendary Woodstock.

A.S.R.T. is going to be approved as non-commercial organization –


The QUEENSLAND GOVERNMENT Department of Fair Trading has declared by letter of 8/11/2007 and a subsequent meeting with the initiators Walter Gith and Bernd Siebler that it is not sufficient to demonstrate a scientific project to achieve approval as a “non-commercial” organization, but additional financial transparency will be required. As a matter of course we will accomplish these conditions and shortly introduce an optimized structure which, e.g., makes even possible temponaut licences free of charge.

Gerd J.A. from Kapstadt

I was born with my scepticism but I must say, first I was very reserved about the experiment, especially because I studied other time travel concepts. I now booked -after diligent verification- my temponaut licence. The MILLENNIUM-project is conclusive in itself and I am excited about what is going to happen on the 12.12.2012.

Enthusiasm is rising: timemachine1212
showed up at the World Championship of "large scale model cars" IFMAR in Eatons Hill/Australia.

Adam B. from Brisbane

Yes, I did enjoy the evening (07.07.2007) and the presentation. It was very thought-provoking. Prior to meeting Walter some years ago, I had thought of the possibility of Time-Travel and if it was / is actually possible. Human history has had many advances in all fields of human endeavour that at one time or another were often thought to be 'impossible'.

New internet application set up, sponsored by APPELIUS.NET Internet.Print.Design, Berlin/Germany

Udo F. from Bethania
As a mere mortant without specific scientific background I was somewhat askant at the beginning, however, the animated demonstration of the MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT has finally been convincing. Spontaneaously I changed the varnish of my car, see photo.

Carina and Hamid Z. from Brisbane

Thank you so much for the great experience last night at the launch of the MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT on 7th September at Brisbane's Wickham hotel. We even had a lively discussion in the car on the way home and are looking forward to further development. Information has a unique way of traveling through time...

Historical Press Conference of the A.S.R.T. in Brisbane
The starting signal for the experiment was set on 7th September 2007 among an exclusive circle of guests, scientists and the media.


Left image: Walter Gith (l.) and Bernd Siebler (r.) at the Press Conference

Right image: MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT launched on 7th September 2007

Enjoy a live interview of our initiators Walter Gith and Bernd Siebler by the legendary reporter Mark Suleau of CHANNEL 10





(Download mpeg-video in good quality - ca. 32 MB)

To inquire radio interviews or newspaper reports please send your email

Dispatch of the first newsletter to certified temponauts with invitation to the Popular Scientific Presentation and Press Conference of the A.S.R.T. on September 07, 2007.

Yvonne F. from Berlin:

It is a real honour and I find it terribly exciting, to be part of this experiment. Above all, I am thrilled, that there are people out there, that have such ideas - that gives me new courage! For the future and for any new dimensions. Unfortunately I have no idea about physics and can not give any comments on the scientific approach, but I am just curious to experience what happens.
Best wishes


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