Quantum Physics


 Quantum Physics - Mother of Time Travel?

Who has gone in for our MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT  -or even became temponaut already-  knows that it's not really "our job" to invent a time travel procedure, or even a "time machine". We neither got the necessary capital, nor the knowledge to create it. This is, of course, the reason why we order such procedure from the future, providing that it will be reality in due course.

According to the actual state of knowledge it is more likely that elements of quantum physics will lead to such an extensive invention like time travel procedure than other areas of expertise. Therefore our experiment trys to create a time loop which is a precondition for its success.

For better understanding: Quantum Physics is the field of physics which studies characteristics and interaction of smallest particles. In the order of magnitude of molecules and beneath, experimental measurements lead to results which are in conflict with traditional mechanics. In particular certain phenomenons are quantified, i.e., they do not run down continuously, but occur in specific portions - the so-called quantums. The following link  -which we can strongly recommend- explains the quantum physics very descriptive
> http://home.vrweb.de/~gandalf/Uni/uni.htm

On base of such scientific findings the question consequently rises if we -as a projection of a higher dimensional reality-  are ready to receive the future  -in whatever form of appearance-  at all.

The good thing with our experiment is, that we in principle have unlimited time. Our message into the future can reach 100 years or as well thousands of years depending upon how many Temponauts we are able to recruit. One Temponaut could even bury his invitation and just hope, that it will be found some day in the distant future. If even the Internet as a global information database still exists and the search functions are superior to today’s, we have good chances that our invitation travels far into the future. Why is this of importance?

Quantum physics opened a door over 60 years ago to an area that is even today hardly understood. There are many attempts to make the incomprehensible tremendousness comprehensible. Einstein made the note: Who claims to have understood quantum physics, did not spend enough time with the topic. We don’t want to discourage with this facts, on the contrary we want to encourage that the wonderful world of quantum physics becomes a common mindset. This would then -with a higher probability- lead to time travel technology. Since us humans create the future.

Although a lot of analogies already exist which try to make quantum physics comprehensible, I’d like to outline the most easy analogy once again. This analogy goes back to the beginnings to the start of the last century, when Einstein just introduced his special and general theory of relativity. To illustrate this first step towards quantum physics I’d like to use an analogy of a 1-dimensional world, where beings live on a line. Imagine this line is a longitude of a sphere surface. Time should be perpendicular to it along with the latitude of the sphere. The “space-time” for this “line-beings” is the surface of the sphere. Einstein’s achievement would have been to introduce time as an independent variable for the line-beings. So he would have stated that for a line-being moving along its space-line there is always a different time line parallel to the latitude. Therefore time is no longer absolute, but depends from “space” and vise versa. This view extended to our 3-D space leads indeed to the famous special theory of relativity.

Even the attempt to extend the analogy only by one dimension, would blow the picture of a sphere. We would have to imagine a sphere in a 4-dimensional space where 2-D beings live. To extend the analogy to our world we would even need to imagine a sphere in a 5-D space. That is exactly what the physicists after Einstein did. They developed theories in higher dimensional space to explain our reality. In the next sequel we’re going to take a closer look at these theories.

After the big discoveries of physics at the beginning of the last century, it was Einstein who presented the first widely accepted theory that could explain the new phenomena. It was his Special Theory of Relativity with it’s 4-dimensional approach that led to all sorts of consequences. Now there was talk about space-time which opened up the physical possibilities of time travel for the first time. The space-time concept led to the famous twin-paradox and grand-father-paradox.
As mentioned before, this discussion was held more than 60 years ago. How far did we come by now, today in the year 2010?

Further development of the strange interactions of the atomic and sub-atomic world led to wild extensions of Einsteins theory. Beside the classic quantum mechanic theory, that is known as the ‘Kopenhagen’ interpretation, two more theories appeared, the string theory and the parallel universe theory. As they gained very different recognition, the string theory was the one the physicists discussed the most. The string theory tried by introducing further dimensions (26-dimensions)  to explain the cosmological as well as the atomic discoveries in one theory. Still the string theory is often criticised, because it is not the easiest model, but mathematically very complex.

The parallel universe theory is not so much accepted within the community of physicists, because it needs assumptions that physicists would just call ‘unnecessary’. A couple of publications of the physicist David Deutsch still made this theory very popular. This view also gained popularity, because many science-fiction writers used parallel worlds to solve the paradox that were found in the classic theory. The parallel universe originates through an intervention in the past, which leads to a new time line. We should mention, that those universes are totally different to the once David Deutsch introduced. There is even a third variety of parallel worlds, which is at the other end of a black hole. The common understanding of parallel worlds does unfortunately not distinguish between those 3 types.

As we can see, the popularity of the parallel worlds is fed by different sources. In the coming episodes we try to clarify what all this has to do with our experiment.

Here is a summary of what we discovered so far. Reality, as it appears to the physicists, is made out of space, time and energy/mater. This space-time-energy matrix is of high dimensions und has in many ways obviously a high potential, to exist parallel. When dealing with the discoveries of modern physics, we should never forget, that we human beings are made out of the same high dimensional space-time-energy matrix, as the mater surrounding us. As this is very important, we have enough reasons for a short excursion into theory of cognition.

If men discover something new, it all starts with a personal experience of one person. Let’s take as an example a Mango. Just imagine that you have never seen or eaten a Mango. The first thing that happens is, that you try to compare the seen or eaten with something you know. Then uncertainty, curiosity and maybe excitement takes place. So far the complete experience is subjective, that means so far it can not be attached to any commonly acknowledged reality. Only if we try to share this experience with other people, we could under certain circumstances gain a common reality. This is the crucial point, we have to consider both cases. 1. a common reality establishes or 2. it remains a subjective experience. The common reality establishes as soon as we meet someone who has eaten a Mango before. We only need to say the name “Mango” and a common understanding of the process is established. If we meet someone, who has never eaten a Mango, the term “Mango” will not lead to a common understanding.

Very important is to state now, that science only deals with case 1. Reality will only be acknowledged, if it is exchangeable with others. Science has developed a strict catalogue of criteria, of how this “exchangeable” is defined. In case reality does not meet the criteria, it will just not be reality. As we can see there is a blind spot in the view of the scientists. In the next episode we want to deal with the way of how today’s scientific worldview influences our own view.

The western view of life is very much determined by the scientific worldview.  We tend to acknowledge reality only, if it is outside of us and is confirmed by others. Western Civilisation is in a stage where progress is mainly seen in things that are in the outside world. That means in objects that are constantly improving and evolving. As we know, there is also a progress that can be observed with men. We learn, children seam to learn even faster each generation and everybody is evolving constantly.

On the other hand, without being aware of it, we follow an inner reality with our daily decision making. And this inner reality is not at all commonly acknowledged. A typical example is the intuitive decision. In this cases we tap deep into our inner reality without being even able to reason the decisions. This fact can not be stressed enough. But for now I want to go back to quantum physics. If we realise, that we people also are made out of quantum mechanic energy space time, we can intuit how important the inner reality must be. The abilities that we have already and use already are not acknowledged by us yet. And because it relates to the subjective reality, society has not explicitly acknowledged these abilities.

The question is, are we ready in 2012, to face the future? Do we fully realise the potential that lies within us? The second question we can easily answer with ‘no’. Einstein already stated that we only use a tiny part of our mental abilities. But what about the abilities we are not aware of? Doesn’t the energy space time, which we are made of and integrated in, unfold its powers even without our knowledge?

If I follow my personal experiences, I can answer the last question truly with ‚yes’. That may be caused by the fact that physicists are very aware of the high dimensional structure of energy space time and its quantum mechanical processes. Or, because since many years already, I turned within towards my subjective experiences. However everyone can meet the borderline between subjective experience and commonly acknowledged experience. Each reader can decide for himself which level of awareness he has and whether he is ready to face the future or not.

In one of the next episodes I will show that time travel is not only possible, but happening already.

Let’s go back to the latest discoveries of modern physics. In order to make it fairly easy to understand, I’d like to go back to the theory of David Deutsch. The multiversum theory of Deutsch is easier to understand than string theory or the dry mathematics of quantum mechanics. It is remarkable, that although Deutsch is easier to understand he is harder to believe in. I have to stress, that his theory is without a doubt physically correct. It is simply for some reason neglected by the physicists and needs from my point of view to be amended.

How can we imagine parallel universes? I’ll try to explain the Deutsch Theory using the example of Schroedinger’s Cat. The famous quantum physicist Erwin Schroedinger suggested this thought experiment, in order to illustrate the strange behaviour of quantum particles and transfer this behaviour into our macroscopic world: A cat is put in a sealed box together with a substance, that triggers a quantum mechanic reaction that can cause the cat to die. The substance can be chosen that way, that after 10 minutes the probability for the cat to still be alive is 50%. So far it seems all easy. But now the physicists had to discover, that no quantum mechanic law can make a statement about the wellbeing of the cat during the 10 minute time period. The quantum mechanic laws imply that the cat is simultaneously alive and dead. As a scientist you almost tend to get into the box yourself, just in order to find out how this simultaneously state of being feels like. But I never heard about any such case. This is an interesting fact, which I want to come back to later.

The result of this experiment was for many scientists (e.g. Einstein) unsatisfying and unbelievable. Many researchers wanted a theory, which allowed explaining the state of the cat in every moment of the 10 minute experiment (the cat should be either dead or alive). Also it would be nice to be able to explain why the cat is dead in one case and alive in the other. This fundamental inexplicability was the motive for Deutsch to support the multiversum theory, which was suggested by Hugh Everett in 1956. The multiversum theory explains the cat experiment as follows:
In the very moment, when the quantum mechanical reaction causes the death of the cat, the whole universe doubles up. The 2 universes are identical except in one universe the cat is still alive and in the other one the cat is dead. Due to the fact that such reactions happen all the time (most of the time with less dramatic consequences though), many universes are created every moment. This is surely a high price to pay for the quantum reaction to be able to be explained by the theory. But there is another inherent problem in the multiversum theory. Deutsch explains, that all the universes exist equitable. That means if we open the box after 10 minutes we live as well in the universe with the dead cat but also a copy of us lives in the universe with the alive cat. In the next episode I like to explain, why this consequence of the multiversum theory is not pursuable from an epistemological point of view.

The multiverse of David Deutsch contains universes of any number, which exist all parallel. But for the participant/observer of one universe there is only the one that he just experiences, respectively the one where the measurement in the experiment takes place.

That means, the multiverse exists as a whole only, if we assume a hypothetic Observer, who exists outside of the multiverse. For this observer all universes are consequently of the same emancipated existence. Isn’t it? Or do we rather have to say, that for this observer, because he is not participating in any of the universes, no universe exists.

For me personally the climax of theory building is reached here: a non existing hypothetic observer opposes infinite non existing universes. I don’t believe that this view takes us anywhere. This is the weakest point in David Deutsch’s theory.

As long as we conduct experiments in which the research object is independent from the conductor, Deutsch’s view is good. But specially quantum physics forced us, to integrate the observer into the experiment! This was one of the big achievements of quantum physics: the observer has to be integrated in the theory. For a simple mind this is self talking, because if we want to describe “the reality” we have to integrate the observer of course. Otherwise we wouldn’t mirror the whole reality.

This can be said even more dramatic: If David Deutsch is 100% convinced about his own theory; he should be able to put himself without any hesitation in the Schrödinger box. Reason is once again, he would end up staying alive with a probability of 100% in at least one of the two split universes. Both universes enjoy equal rights to exist (assumption of Deutsch), therefore he wouldn’t bother in which universe he is alive.  

Deutsch would supposably not go into the box and I never heard about any case that a researcher did this. Therefore I believe, that the assumption of equally existing universes is unsustainable. There must be one outstanding universe.

It is possible though to maintain Deutsch’s theory, if one would define one universe as the “real” one und all others as potential universes. How that would read, I am going to elaborate in the next episode.

Until now we have spoken about facts, about solid results of decades of research conducted by thousands of scientists. In order to make the next step, we want to leave the ground of facts for the first time and state some thesis, which have to survive practical verification. 

Our consciousness has the quality, together with all other carriers of consciousness in our world, to be able to select one reality as the reality, which constitutes our existing universe. This universe would be identical to the one real universe in the multiverse.

Let’s remember episode (4) in which we spoke about subjective experience. This subjective experience needs to be communicated (with others) to gain the status of common experience, for the scientists to be able to acknowledge this experience as reality. This agreement process, which leads to common reality, seems to be performed by our consciousness in a big way all the time. It selects out of the numberless potential universes, means out of the multiverse, the one real universe. This selection happens every moment. Every moment the one and only universe is being selected as the real universe, which constitutes our common reality. 

This thesis seems to add a new quality to our subjective experience. The subjective experience leaves the realm of not believable and not authoritative and turns into a driving force during the agreement process, which leads to the known universe. The one real universe constitutes itself not out of the sum of all subjective experiences, but out of the creative synthesis of all subjective experiences. For the individual consciousness the subjective experience is the only source of experience at all.  

The consciousness seems to entertain a gigantic communication and agreement process, which defines a reality every moment. I said “defines” instead of “builds” a reality, because in the multiverse all potential universes exist already before one is selected to be the real one.

Quantum physics taught us, that there is an instant interaction on quantum level. We claim, that consciousness uses these instant interactions and conclude therefore, that for the consciousness time does not exist. Consciousness communicates in a timeless state with all passed and future universes, in order to select, in a gigantic agreement process, the one here-and-now universe.

In the next episode we’ll contemplate, how the mechanisms of interaction in our new model could possibly look like and which conclusions would arise out of our new thoughts.

Let’s do a short summary. The consciousness seems to be equipped with a gigantic communication and agreement mechanism, which determines our reality any moment. C.G. Jung found during his studies about the consciousness a “common unconsciousness”. This can be identified as the potential reality in our theory. Jung obviously already realised that there is a “public” access to the unconsciousness back in his days.

Our own consciousness already performs some sort of agreement process on the level of daily communication with our fellow men and of course on the level of science, which leads to a common understanding of reality. Today men perform this reality creating agreement process still at a very slow pace. But it works the same way as the unconscious process.

So the unconscious and conscious processes are working under the same principals. Therefore, as more we become aware of the unconscious part of our conscious, as more we can use the powerful reality creating mechanisms of the unconscious and accelerate creation of reality.

Let’s go back to the save knowledge of Physics. We already know mechanisms which lead to faster than light speed interaction. They occur when 2 or more quantum particles are entangled. In classic view, the particles are far away from each other. A measurement of an attribute of one particle leads to an instant attribute determination at the other location. How that works is not explained in modern physics, one is satisfied with the mere description of the facts.   

We further just assume now, that two entangled quantum particles are present in our brain right now. This quantum pair will still exist with a high probability in our future brain too. In the future brain one of the particles could be involved in a reaction which changes it’s attribute. This involvement could then lead to an attribute change of the second particle in the present brain and therefore change the state of my present brain. Read more about it from scientists, which work in this area: : http://www.quantumconsciousness.org/

Why can an attribute change in the future influence the present? According to Einstein’s special theory of relativity, any effect in the future that travels with infinite speed through space time can have an impact on the present. That means, for our present the future exists already. Yes, that’s how it is. There is an uncountable amount of potential presents that we name “future”. Out of this many futures we select one as our present. And that is mainly done by our unconscious agreement process that creates the known reality.

When we have the idea to go to the movies, the movie event exists already in our imagination, without been realised yet. Just like that movie event exists already in our mind, all the futures, that we are not conscious of exist already in a huge transpersonal mind.  

As we see, quantum physics gives us in principal the foundation for the brain to be connected with the future.

It would be well possible, that the brain is the time machine we are looking for. As mentioned in the early episodes, it is crucial, whether we are mentally prepared to be aware of the future. Becoming aware of the future influences the present. The changed present would lead to a changed future and so forth. This extreme dynamic process would follow a certain cosmic law, which is still unknown and undiscovered. This is one of the crucial reasons for the difficulties we have, to gain an individual consciousness of the future.

In the next episode, I’ll try to illustrate the dynamic agreement process with a thought experiment.

We “see” ourselves in a possible future as a lottery winner. This insight leads in the presence to the phantasies of spending the lottery money. Those intentions may lead to a different future than the one we have seen. Likewise, if we look at the lottery numbers of the future the intention to use those numbers could lead to a different future again. In this future the numbers have changed.

As we can see, the agreement process upon the „right“ future is very complex. Obviously we have to take our intentions and wishes into account. But, and here is the catch, we have not only to take into account the intentions/wishes that we are aware of, we also need to consider those we are not aware of. Those influence the future as well, as we know. We can conclude, that the total disclosure of our conscious and unconscious intentions/wishes would present us the future. But how do the intentions of our fellow men get into play? Those would influence our future as well. It seems that the unconscious that we talked about in episode (8) already, has a transpersonal component. There are cases in literature where people state to be able to connect to the transpersonal consciousness and therefore being able to tell the future. Nostradamus is probably one of the known cases.

I therefore claim, that we all do „time travel“ from all kind of possible futures already every moment, but on transpersonal unconscious level. Because of the nature of the consciousness it is very likely, that the conscious will free itself from this unconscious level and mankind therefore will sooner or later get in contact with the future.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all participating Temponauts. The contribution that every single Temponaut is doing towards our experiment is of highest historic value. Men are able, as bearer of consciousness, to build up the communication with past and future and thereby widen the personal consciousness towards the unknown. This will accelerate the conscious creation of reality dramatically and bring mankind to a whole new level. I also want to thank especially Bernd Siebler for his brilliant initial idea about the experiment. His genius has set us all in motion.

When we gather at 12.12.12 another mile stone in cosmic development of consciousness will be reached. Consciousness perceives itself. Therefore, don’t forget to book a seat for the Millennium-Experiment already now.