This Supporters page introduces those temponauts who are specifically and permanently involved in our project by own contributions and cross-links to their professional web presentations.

We attach great importance to the matter of fact that:

  1. ALL temponauts receive our high appreciation.
  2. SUPPORTERS are not to be confused with sponsors, because we will never accept our MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT to become hooked on monetary contributions which are only serving the goal of self-marketing.
  3. We are not liable for articles and statements of third parties but have to trust in honesty and truth.
  4. Whereas the hierarchy to be maintained does not mean any evalutation.

Intangible supporters >

Thomas RITTER Travels

Thomas Ritter is scientist, author and organiser of very specific adventure tours. His book   published in 2006 has become a classic. Thomas Ritter will also presumably and exclusively organise and worldwide host the travel of our temponauts who will physically attend completion of the MILLENNIUM EXPERIMENT on 12.12.2012.

Martin APPELIUS Webdesign+Printgestaltung

Martin Appelius who also created our web presentation- is a freelance media designer living in the cosmopolitan city of Berlin.

Cornelia von Dniken
As a media expert with 17 years of journalistic experience Cornelia von Dniken not only serves the magazine "Legendary Times", but also promotes the Erich von Dniken foundation and works in the presentation of the Mystery Park in Interlaken, Switzerland.
So far her literary works include "Travel Guide to the Monuments of the Gods" and "Mysteries of the World. Cultures, Signs, Wittnesses".

Roland ROTH-Verlag

Roland Roth has published numerous articles in books and popular scientific journals and has been publisher and chief editor of the palaeo-SETI-magazine OMICRON between 1996 and 2002. Since 2006 publisher of the interdisciplinary specific journal Q PHAZE.

Gisela ERMEL

Gisela Ermel's research work for many years concerns the field of unresolved mysteries of past and she has already authored and published numerous books and articles about the topic of time travel.

"Time Travel - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow - At the traces of greatest adventure of all ages". She represents the hypothesis that time travel might not only be possible one day, but has most likely already taken place long ago, at least if you believe in the old historical traditions from all over the world.




Journalist, author of audio books and, and, and,
he loves to introduce himself by means of an up-to-date project resp.
by his various ongoing activities: